It’s Raining Men!


In a recent post I was complaining about how I have been struggling to find any men to date lately. Now I’m feeling a bit inundated and it is proving difficult to keep up with them all! I’m doing a Project Management course at uni at the moment and I’m seriously considering scheduling my chats, txts, emails and dates into a GANTT chart (what a nerd….).

Tomorrow night I have a first date planned with a guy I met on RSVP. We had exchanged a few emails on there and I generally only like to email back and forth about 3 or 4 times. After that I’m getting bored of the usual ‘how was your day’, ‘how was your weekend’ and ‘what do you like to do for fun’ questions and I need to move it to real time chat.

I gave him my number and we txt’d a little and decided on the Thursday night date. He is new to Sydney having moved from interstate a few months back, but he still wanted to plan the date and said he’d investigate somewhere to go. I’m kinda diggin’ his style so far! I can’t stand guys that do the ‘I don’t care where we go, you pick’. I like them to take a bit of control and be ‘the man’ in the relationship from the start!

We spoke last night on the phone for the first time and the conversation flowed well. We are off to a Tapas restaurant tomorrow night and I’ve been in a real Tapas + Red Wine mood lately (for say the last 2-5 yrs haha) so even if the date is bad, it should be a pleasant evening regardless.

Alongside this I have 5 other guys I’m emailing on RSVP. A few are being a bit slow on the replies, some I can’t keep up with them. I also joined back up to eHarmony over the weekend and I’m emailing two there. And I’ve got one Tinder one on the go too….

In the offline world, I’ve also got 2 girlfriends attempting to set me up! Which never happens. Ms S, has been talking about a guy at her work that she met and immediately thought I’d fall in love with. I’ve Facebook stalked the shit out of him and he is totally gorgeous!! Also, over a dinner catch up recently, Ms K disagreed with me on my Nathan theory and tried to convince me that I just hadn’t met the right Nathan yet. Turns out she works with a lovely Nathan and she is trying to get us in touch.

I had lunch with Ms A today and filled her in on all of the above. She said she had a very good feeling about all of this and that something good will come of it. I told her not to count her chickens too early as we’ve been here before (Dating Palooza Weekend), but I do like my glass to be half full. Especially when it’s half full with red wine ;p

PS – Earlier this week I had my first ever hate mail on my blog. Check it out in the ‘Comments’ section of my About page! It means you’re doing a good job as a blogger if your writing compels someone to call you the C word right? 😉