Hey Blue Eyes…

Alaskan MalamuteA new year brings a lot of new blood, or shall I say fresh meat to online dating! It seems all those that had no one to pash on NYE start the year wanting to find someone. It’s nice to see some new talent on the sites and I am currently talking to so many guys on Tinder that I can’t remember who said what.

This situation won’t last of course. I will soon find out some terrible insight into their soul that makes me unmatch most of them before they progress to the next dating round (the phone interview…). You know, something like them being a vegetarian for example.

But today I was chatting to a guy who decided to compliment me on my eyes. I get this all the time, but I’m not too sure if it’s because guys do genuinely like them, or that compliment is just in their dating toolkit of tricks. The other one that I think is a tried and true standard compliment is the ‘you have a really great smile’.

But the compliment today was not generic….

Tinder Husky

Well then, you can’t really argue with that logic. I’ll take it!