I Don’t Date Neighbours….Anymore

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I think I was almost picked up in the lift at home yesterday. It was really very strange and unexpected!

I was heading out to the car wash and waiting for the lift to take me down to the garage when two guys walked into the building, shirtless and wearing boardies with towels wrapped around their necks. I assumed they had been at the pool (I know, I’m a freakin’ genius….) so I said hi and asked them how the pool was.

They replied that it was full of kids and balls (the bouncing kind, not the old man wearing boardies that are too short kind…) and one of them hit the ‘up’ button for the lift to head to their apartment. When the lift came it was going down first, so I walked in but realised one of the guys was following me. I told him that it was heading down and he replied, “yeh I’ll ride with you” and said “see ya soon” to his mate who was still waiting in the hallway.

The trip being just one level down was short, but he managed to ask where I was off to and told me with a cheeky grin that I was wasting my time getting the car washed as it was going to rain. Then as the doors opened and I was about to get out of the lift, he says that they are having a BBQ that night and if I am free I should join them.

Ohhhhhh…..ummmmm…..thanks for the random invitation neighbourino! I told him I already had plans unfortunately and that I’d see him around and went off on my merry way.

In hindsight, that was actually probably less weird that the neighbour BBQ invitation that I did go to from the Detective. All the contact that I’d had with him before I went to his do was based on a paper invite slid under my door one day. BUT I did know he was a Detective from the real estate agent AND that he was mega tall BUT also that he looked a little like Mr Bean….which when I liked him I put to the back of my mind, but now if I ever think of him I do picture the actual Mr Bean…AND also my psychic had told me that I’d meet a guy in law enforcement, so I HAD to go to that party.

Psychic didn’t say shit about meeting a dude in a lift, so alas it was never going to work out between me and the lift guy. Obviously!