Missing Potentially Eligible Bachelor – Help!

Face has been blurred out since original post…

Does anyone know this guy??!?

Weird story. I was talking to him on Tinder maybe back in Oct or Nov, then his account just went idle for weeks and eventually I unmatched him assuming he died.

Then last week he was back, we matched again, picked up where we left off and this afternoon he gave me his phone number, gave me a compliment on a new profile pic I posted and liked my pic of cookies I posted.

I read this quickly, then no more than 5 mins later I sat down to copy his number and he had disappeared off Tinder AGAIN!!!

Does he not know that the messages are deleted when you unmatch someone?!? I assume he was still keen based on the compliments?

What if he is the love of my life?!?


Anyhoo, if you know him tell him to get in touch seriouslysingleinsyd@gmail.com 😉