Impromptu Date 2 with Damo

The first date with Damo happened on a Wednesday. We were exchanging txts in the days after that, but I was at uni Fri-Sun and he had a friend here (apparently a male mate) from overseas who he was busy catching up with. 

I was keen to see him again and by Sunday morning I decided to give in on waiting for him to make the next move and just ask him if he wanted to catch up for a casual dinner that night. I knew he had been drinking for a few days straight, so probably wouldn’t be into doing much, so I thought a casual dinner would suit.

He replied saying that he would like to, but probably shouldn’t as he needed to pack. Hmmm pack for what? He hadn’t told me he was going on a trip and you would imagine someone would if they were going on a trip that was long enough to require packing.

But no, it was because he was moving house. Now considering that he lives in the next suburb and we have talked quite a bit about the area and houses and stuff, I would have thought he would mention that too! I then ask when he is moving. He tells me on Wednesday. Again, I doubt it was a last minute decision, so why hasn’t he mentioned this? I ask where he is going to live and he tells me that he doesn’t have anywhere to go at the moment as he hasn’t found another apartment to rent that he likes, so he is going to go stay with some friends until something good comes up in the area.

So I tell him that packing sounds quite important considering he hasn’t started and it’s three days away and leave him to it.

I get home from uni about 5:30pm, pour a glass of wine and get into the bath. At 5:45pm I get a txt msg from him asking if I wanted to grab a quick bite. I’m keen to see him so I jump out of the bath and get ready for him to come pick me up.

We go to a super casual italian place and get some pasta. Mine is pretty hideous, but his dish looks good. We get talking about gelato and he asks if I have been to Messina. I haven’t and he says that we should go there now. I say ok, so we jump back into the car and head off to get gelato. We go, it’s packed and there are no tables free, so we take our gelato back to his car to eat. I’m somewhat surprised at this as he has told me that he doesn’t let people eat in his car, so I’m very careful as gelato can be quite dribbly!

We drive back to my place and he pulls over out the front of my apartment building and we start our goodbyes. Which of course turns into some kissing, so he turns the car off saying ‘let’s commit to this huh’. We pash for a while in the car in pretty much the same spot that we were kissing in the street on our first date. I think I see my neighbour walk past again. He must think I do this every night….

I have no intention of asking him in that night and he seems quite respectful and isn’t really trying it on. So I head inside quite happy with the impromptu date and I’m looking forward to lining up Date 3.