Things That Do Not Attract the Ladies #1 – Guns

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I see many disturbing things on Tinder. Many, many disturbing things….

But something that is completely obvious is that men need some help in understanding what gets us to swipe right on their profile in Tinder. For the good of mankind, I’m wiling to offer up that assistance!

Thus, No 1 on the list of things that guys should know does not attract the ladies is guns.

Online dating is fraught with danger already. Danger that your date will be a crazy stalker. Danger that he will be a clingon. Danger that he will be jockey height….

We do not need another element of danger added and looking at a guy proudly showing that he has, or can shoot, is not filling women with confidence that he is a good guy!

It also makes guys look like slack jawed yokels named Cletus. Just saying….