I Want My Money Back!

Last week I decided that I had had enough of dealing with the Blue Label Life matchmaking agency and I requested a refund. Basically all of my interactions with my matchmaker now consist of her suggesting a guy for me, me being underwhelmed by their profile but having no real reason to decline them, so I tell her I’m interested in meeting him and then I wait, and wait, and wait.

Sometimes I chase her for an update, sometimes she will proactively offer me one. Early April she sent me the profile of a surgeon. Now remember I had a very bumpy start with Blue Label Life where the first match I had was a government worker who essentially was a customer service person answering phones, perhaps you could classify his role as clerical at best. The second match was the petrol tank driver who told me that he was a problem for the agency as all the women expect him to be an executive or a professional and call the agency to complain after they have been matched with him or go on a date with him. So I was relieved to get someone who meets their own self-proclaimed standards.

After two weeks, the surgeon had not replied to my matchmaker to say whether he was interested in me or not. My matchmaker said that she suspected he was ‘busy with surgeries’. So she found me someone else in the meantime whilst he was busy saving lives.

Next was an entrepreneur. Now, that could just mean he had an ABN or an eBay account, but I told my matchmaker yes I was interested in meeting him. Two weeks pass and nothing. I ask my matchmaker what happened with the entrepreneur. Perhaps he died? She said that she has made contact with him and that he has been interstate on business. Apparently they do not have internet in any state of Australia besides Sydney, so he couldn’t check his email to read my profile and say if he was interested or not.

This is a relentless story. Last week I decided I was sick of waiting, this process has never saved me time (which is a key selling point of their service according to their website) and I decided to request a refund for the 3 matches I am owed. I originally signed up in August and the process is supposed to be 6 matches in 6 months. I have had 4 matches, but we had agreed to remove the petrol tank driver from the match tally so it sits at 3 after 9 months. I’m still getting nowhere and I honestly believe that they just don’t have many male members. I’ve seen a couple of other comments online claiming the same problem.

I have a long drawn out conversation where my matchmaker says she can’t give me my money back and that it’s not her fault if guys keep saying no to me. This is the first she has brought this up and convenient timing. I absolutely understand that she can’t make guys like me and that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I was repeatedly told when I joined that they had plenty of guys on the books and many highly compatible matches based on the survey I did online before the first meeting. Otherwise, I feel that if she didn’t think she could find me dates, or thought I was an undesirable candidate, surely they shouldn’t take me on??

I am offered another ‘relationship counselling’ session with their CEO who I met in January and she just tried to convince me to let go of all my preferences so I have a chance of finding love. I’ve mentioned the top 5 criteria I gave my matchmaker on my initial meeting, nothing too outrageous really. Plus, this agency promotes themselves as a discerning agency where you can get the type of person you want. Many others don’t! I suspect that this counselling about dropping your preferences may work on the meek minded who now realise they have done their dough on the membership fee so relent.

I was also told I could put my membership on hold, or transfer it to someone else. Geeze, not sure I know someone that I dislike enough to pass on this pain! We end the conversation with me being entirely unsatisfied and apparently the surgeon has conveniently responded to her since I lodged my request for a refund and he will be available to meet in two weeks. I’m told he has been overseas and that is why he hasn’t responded for 2 months (no internet in America either it seems).

Later that day my matchmaker sends me the profile of a new guy. He is shorter than me. Arrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!

I have posted a review on True Local about my experience and my request for a refund. Note that the business name on their page has been changed to something completely unrelated to BLL. That happened after negative reviews started appearing. I guess it is just a coincidence…

The True Local page comes up as soon as you google Blue Label Life now. I wish I could find reviews like this before I signed up. Before I met with them I googled them extensively with terms like ‘Blue Label Life Dating Agency’, ‘Blue Label Life Reviews’, ‘Blue Label Life Sydney’, Blue Label Life Executive Matchmaker’, ‘Blue Label Life Complaints’, ‘Blue Label Life Scam’ etc and got almost nothing! There is now a lot more online and unfortunately some have had a very similar experience to myself.