I Did a Bad Bad Thing….

Beautiful vampire with black robe

I have a confession to make. I have done something to a guy that I hate being done to me. I’ve ranted and raved about it before too.

I went AWOL.

Yes, with the trampoliner I had the best intentions the day after my post where I decided that I didn’t like him to actually tell him that I was no longer interested. But I got busy, I got distracted and I just forgot to message him.

When we last spoke, it was a bit of a dull conversation so I would think that he would have noticed that things were not going as well as it had been and that things were heading in the direction that it went. But he did ask at the end of that call about  how my week ahead looked and when I would ‘have time to see him’. Even the way he worded that made him sound a little pathetic.

I kinda fobbed him off as I was really busy that week, then I had quite a lot already planned for the weekend and I didn’t really want to see him on Valentines Day, especially for Date 4. It might have given him too much encouragement….

I did tell him that I would let him know when I was free and we ended the conversation at that. That was the last interaction I had with him.

So it’s not like he has been sending me messages and I’ve been ignoring him, he hasn’t messaged me at all. But I feel bad. It really isn’t hard to send a txt msg to someone saying that you’re not interested, just so they know. I’ve always found it quite freeing when you (or the other person) calls it quits rather than to have something linger on and on where one person may be kept wondering.

So I am fearful what this display of poor dating behaviour on my behalf has done to my dating karma. I hope it doesn’t mean that my future husband will have a little sausage ;p

PS – Here is a link to Chris Isaak’s ‘Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing’ song. It’s in my head, it’s awesome and I had a little crush on Chris Isaak back in the day. There is definitely something a little sexy about him….