On Standby for my Soulmate

Head and heart

Last week I saw posts kicking around Facebook about a new project that has been designed to find your soulmate just by answering 8 questions. Ok, I’m listening…

I clicked through and the site claims that the average person only gets acquainted with 1000 people before they die (which I think is terribly low?!) and that the odds of your soulmate being 1 in 1000 is very slim.

But through the power of the interweb, this site can increase your chances of finding this person anywhere in the world (that the survey currently covers) if they have also completed the 8 question survey.

These 8 multiple choice questions with 8 possible answers each are apparently (there is not compelling evidence of this) based on the core elements of compatability psychologically. The odds of you answering them exactly the same as someone else are  1 in 16,777,216. If you do, it means that you think exactly the same as someone else, hence they are your soulmate.

There are warnings and disclaimers all over the site. Do not take the test drunk or stoned. Do not overthink your answers. Your soulmate doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic partner, it may just be someone kinda like you. You may hate your ‘soulmate’. Your soulmate may try to extort money from you, avoid this….

Well, what could go wrong huh? I decided to take the test and I was dubious of its validity from Question 1.

I find it hard to believe that a soulmate, particularly a romantic one, should always have the same personality type at a party. Sure, you probably don’t want to be at polar extremes, but there really can only be ONE centre of attention. Also, for those that are highly competitive (ahem…) there needs to be a winner. Doesn’t there?

Surely the centre of attention could be highly compatible with the one that likes to have a really good time, no matter what?

The rest of the questions seem even more trivial. What frustrates you the most, if you had $100K how would you spend it, what would you do first if writing a novel?

But I completed the survey, popped my email address in and confirmed it when the validation email came a few days later.

Now we wait. Likely a very, very long time. At the time of this post, the site indicates that 217K surveys have been completed with 5K matches. Which seems an unusually high success rate considering the initial 1 in 16,777,216 estimate.

I’ll keep you posted….