How is Tinder a hook-up site when everyone looks like this….

Whenever I tell someone that I’m on Tinder, particularly those that are in long-term relationships and have not had the pleasure/displeasure of dating apps, they always look a little shocked  – kinda like I just told them I visit a prostitute every Sunday morning before church.

Everyone has the perception that Tinder is full of people hooking up left, right and centre. I would like to dispel this myth as it could not be possible when all the guys on Tinder look like this….

Boy band styling


Muscle shots (ahem….)


Who wears short shorts?
IMG_1730Open invitations to open pants parties

IMG_1744Men that love ‘Pussy’….and tatts

IMG_1739Men who love cats

IMG_1785Men who love cats….too much

IMG_1786(I feel that attempting ‘doggy style’ with a big cat is insulting?)

Men who are not house trained….

IMG_1833(Because men who leave their clothes all over the house are highly desired by women)

Men who Tinder in a toilet cubicle

IMG_1834Men with a little too much hair…

IMG_1837(It’s always too little, or too much!)

Sigh………………this is the pond I am swimming in!

Faces have been blurred and names removed to protect the innocent (and stupid).

Gone fishing!

Last week I caught up for lunch with a girlfriend (Ms A) from uni that I haven’t seen for about 3 months. I filled her in on my dating dramas of late and had a whinge about how I’m running out of options.

Ms A mentioned that her friend was using the dating site Plenty of Fish (POF) and was finding it pretty good. I had heard about POF about a month before when another gf mentioned a friend using it too. At that point, I checked it out, but it seemed so much harder than Tinder at the time as you must set up a proper profile. It’s a little bit like a mix between eHarmony where you have to do all these personality quizzes, but more like RSVP in that you get to search from men rather than eHarmony who give you an ‘allocation’ for the day of ‘perfect matches’.

So I set up a profile on the weekend and got cracking looking at the men. There was a heap of familiar faces from Tinder or RSVP (or both) but also some new blood!

I started talking to a good looking 38 yr old guy with a really masculine look which I like. You know, tall, built and hairy (in that he had a trimmed beard, not a carpet back, well to the best of my knowledge). We chatted about a lot of random things and he seemed quite clever and a bit witty.

I had stayed in on Saturday night as I was feeling a bit sick this weekend. I asked him why he was staying in on a Saturday night and he said that his friends had gone out, but he hadn’t finished work until 7pm so he didn’t go as he would be too late joining them. I asked what he did for work that had him working to that time on a Saturday. He said ‘Banking’. I already knew this as his profile lists this as his profession.

I then asked ‘Banking on a Saturday?’ and he replied that ‘Banking doesn’t stop for the weekends’. I asked what he did in banking, suspecting that he was in customer service, but hoping he was keeping the world turning with some kind of critical senior IT role or something. He replied saying ‘Mostly I work on savings accounts and term deposits’. I then bit the bullet and asked ‘Customer Service?” to which he replied ‘Sometimes’.

I know it sounds particularly shallow and heartless, but my future husband does not work in a call centre, wearing a head set, logging his toilet and lunch breaks into a call tracking system. Especially at 38.

He also told me he likes cats. Clearly there were already irreconcilable differences between us.

I’ve started talking to a couple of other guys, but nothing has really caught my eye just yet. There are a lot to sift through though, so stay tuned!