What’s in a name?

Driving home from work tonight I was thinking about how a name can become tainted forever just by knowing someone horrible by that name. It seems quite common that parents cannot bring themselves to name their child with the name of a kid they knew in school who was a little asshole.

I have noticed myself being ‘namist’ on Tinder (yes, I’m back on the horse) as I swipe though the profiles. There is something about the name Nathan for me. I’ve only ever known really rough, redneck types named Nathan.

I also can’t bring myself to swipe right for a Denis. It reminds me too much of a Penis.

Nor my Brother or Father’s name. That would just be weird…

Can’t say I can see my future husband as a Wayne, Shane or a Keith either.

I know it’s irrational to be doing this, but it got me thinking about my name. Is it associated by men to be that of a roaring bitch? Or a nagging tart? Or a hysterical whinger?

Perhaps my parents are to blame for my current dating plight?!

That’s it. First thing in the morning I’m changing my name to Miranda Kerr.