Yellow Wallet – Thoughts?


I forgot to mention something about my date! When he got out his wallet to pay, I noticed it was yellow, very similar to this one.

When debriefing on the date with Ms A yesterday, I said ‘oh and his wallet was a bit strange…’ when she interrupts ‘oh no, did it have velcro?’ in a shocked voice.

Fortunately it wasn’t a corduroy Rip Curl wallet from the 90’s, but I’m not sure how I feel about a yellow wallet. Apparently it’s a lucky feng shui colour that can bring wealth…


Picture Source: Bob & Friends

The Date with Drew


Ok, so Drew is not his real name, but on the morning before our date it finally occurred to me who my date reminded me of. Drew Carey when he got thin. So my date looked just like the picture above, but about 15 years younger and not wearing a bow tie….

I’ll admit, it deterred me a little. I sent a pic of my date, plus the pic of Drew to my girlfriends Ms K and Ms E and they replied trying to be quite positive saying things like ‘Maybe he’s really funny?!?’.

I talked myself out of the date all afternoon, but I’m not the type to pull out at the last minute unless I really have to, so I headed off to the date after work. When I got inside the restaurant he was sitting at a little table for two in the corner. He stood when I arrived and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and he offered to switch seats as the other chair was in the aisle that headed in towards the kitchen. What a gentleman – I’m again liking his style!

We sat and he started talking – FAST! He seemed really nervous and his conversation was definitely on fast forward. The waitress came over and we had not even looked at the menu after about 5 mins, so she said she’d return for our drink orders. He asked if I was in the mood for wine – anyone that knows me well will know that I am always in the mood for wine and he passes me the wine list to pick what I wanted.

I tell him I’m in the mood for the Barossa Shiraz and he asks if we should get a bottle. I say sure , why not! I’m driving but it looked like the dinner would be full of conversation and go long enough for me to be able to share almost half a red. He orders the red, it comes and after the waitress leaves the table he tells me he likes the wine, but he usually doesn’t drink red. He doesn’t drink much wine at all, but when he does it’s mostly white. Oh stop it, you are being far too sweet trying to please me….but I kinda like it!

We get a couple of tapas dishes to share. The food comes out slowly which is ideal as we are busy chatting along the way. It is non stop chat and he comes across as very intelligent and has a rational and logical view point on life. Although he has moved interstate away from his family, he is very close to them and lights up when he talks about them, but not in a mumma’s boy kind of way.

He polishes off the rest of the tapas after politely asking me if I wanted the last of each dish.  I read the dessert menu earlier and have my eye on something sweet instead. He said he too read it at work and was thinking the same thing. Great minds hey!

We get dessert and finish the wine. The waitress comes over to wrap things up as everyone else has now left. He takes the bill and I do my ‘Would you like go halves?’ question, even though I really don’t mean it. I think I’ve mentioned before that even though I am a modern woman in many ways, I really appreciate old school, gentlemanly charm!

He says ‘no, don’t be silly’ and gives the waitress his credit card. We leave the restaurant and my car is parked just up the street which is on the way to the train station where he needs to go. I notice as we are walking along that I’m a bit taller than him. I’m 5’10” and his profile said he was 5’11”. I was wearing ankle boots with a pretty standard 3″ heel, so I was standing about 6’1″ tall. I find myself slighting stooping to adjust the height differential. We stand talking about my car for a while (initiated by him I would just like to point out for those that know me and know how I like to bang on about Black Betty) and whilst engrossed in conversation a homeless man turns up out of nowhere asking for money.

That’s our queue to say goodnight for sure! I give him a kiss on the cheek and jump in the car saying ‘Let’s talk soon’. This is standard practice for ending pretty much all of my dates, whether I mean it or not, but on this occasion I do. I’m not sure I really felt the romantic chemistry on the date, but it was certainly fun and I would be happy to see him again to see if there is actually anything there.

I txt him when I get home and thank him again for dinner and say it’s my shout next time.  He replies saying that it might offend his old fashioned sensibilities for me to pay, but says he’ll hold me to it.

All in all, a great date!

Picture Source: People

It’s Raining Men!


In a recent post I was complaining about how I have been struggling to find any men to date lately. Now I’m feeling a bit inundated and it is proving difficult to keep up with them all! I’m doing a Project Management course at uni at the moment and I’m seriously considering scheduling my chats, txts, emails and dates into a GANTT chart (what a nerd….).

Tomorrow night I have a first date planned with a guy I met on RSVP. We had exchanged a few emails on there and I generally only like to email back and forth about 3 or 4 times. After that I’m getting bored of the usual ‘how was your day’, ‘how was your weekend’ and ‘what do you like to do for fun’ questions and I need to move it to real time chat.

I gave him my number and we txt’d a little and decided on the Thursday night date. He is new to Sydney having moved from interstate a few months back, but he still wanted to plan the date and said he’d investigate somewhere to go. I’m kinda diggin’ his style so far! I can’t stand guys that do the ‘I don’t care where we go, you pick’. I like them to take a bit of control and be ‘the man’ in the relationship from the start!

We spoke last night on the phone for the first time and the conversation flowed well. We are off to a Tapas restaurant tomorrow night and I’ve been in a real Tapas + Red Wine mood lately (for say the last 2-5 yrs haha) so even if the date is bad, it should be a pleasant evening regardless.

Alongside this I have 5 other guys I’m emailing on RSVP. A few are being a bit slow on the replies, some I can’t keep up with them. I also joined back up to eHarmony over the weekend and I’m emailing two there. And I’ve got one Tinder one on the go too….

In the offline world, I’ve also got 2 girlfriends attempting to set me up! Which never happens. Ms S, has been talking about a guy at her work that she met and immediately thought I’d fall in love with. I’ve Facebook stalked the shit out of him and he is totally gorgeous!! Also, over a dinner catch up recently, Ms K disagreed with me on my Nathan theory and tried to convince me that I just hadn’t met the right Nathan yet. Turns out she works with a lovely Nathan and she is trying to get us in touch.

I had lunch with Ms A today and filled her in on all of the above. She said she had a very good feeling about all of this and that something good will come of it. I told her not to count her chickens too early as we’ve been here before (Dating Palooza Weekend), but I do like my glass to be half full. Especially when it’s half full with red wine ;p

PS – Earlier this week I had my first ever hate mail on my blog. Check it out in the ‘Comments’ section of my About page! It means you’re doing a good job as a blogger if your writing compels someone to call you the C word right? 😉

Instant Dismissal

Online dating has been particularly tedious in the past week. Lots of looking, but at nothing interesting. There has just been a constant stream of undesirable profile characteristics that lead to instant dismissal. Such as:

Guys over 45

Guys under 30 (especially the 15 yr old Tinder gave me tonight – will I get arrested for that??)

Holden shirt wearers

Ford shirt wearers

Actually any motor shirts, alcohol shirts, football shirts…..

Guys that appear in all 6 pics wearing G-Star RAW shirts (are you being sponsored??)

Bathroom mirror shots (especially with the toilet lid up, yes lid, not just seat, animals!)

Pics of guys smoking and thinking that they look dead sexy doing it (thank you for revealing your filthy habit upfront)

Pics eating a mandarin (thank you for revealing your filthy hab…ok this has never happened, but I am petitioning for one’s stance on this to be part of the standard questionnaire on dating sites)

Earring wearers (hey you over there, the East 17 look-a-like, alllllright, allllright, everythinks gunna be alllright)

Double denim

Cat owners

Bird owners

Small human owners

Lazy eyes (look at moi Kimmy, look at moi….)

Missing tooth

Silver tooth

Black tooth

Only one tooth

Gold chains

Wife beater singlets

DJ pic (scratch, scratch, I’ve got an iPhone playlist and I’m rocking it in da house tonight for shiz!)

Gym mirror pic

Urinal mirror pic (especially you Todd Carney)

Lives in a dodge sounding suburb. Eg Raby, Airds, Shalvy, Mount Druitt, Rooty Hill (it’s not as fun as it may sound….)

No car

No licence

No job

No personality

No idea how to wear shorts…..what is a male camel toe called?!?!



How dumb do you think I am?

My dating life is running a little quiet at the moment. I’ve started talking to a few guys on Tinder, RSVP and POF, but all of them sound like dim wits. I got another txt from Frenchie today. He hasn’t yet given up.

Since I don’t have anything new to tell you about, I will fill you in on something that happened a few weeks ago.

Online dating is so often based on looks as you don’t really have much else compelling to go off from profiles. I was looking through profiles on POF and decided to send a bald guy a message. Now, as shallow as it is, I don’t usually go for baldys but my usual type has tended to be a disaster lately, so I thought I’d give him a shot.

Hours later I get a reply from him saying ‘<insert real name here>…Damo says hi….’.

Remember Damo? The real estate guy that I had two dates with, had planned a third and he went AWOL? Great, he is friends with baldy. Mental note, no more baldys. They make bad life choices.

I reply saying ‘Really? I don’t recall him to be the talkative type’….since he didn’t have the balls to tell me that he didn’t want to go on that third date.

Baldy then replies ‘ Haha sorry. Totally random. I looked at my phone and your profile picture came up. Some guy at the bar said he knew you. Real estate guy. Total wanker. Could have just been kidding. Unless you know a Damo?’

Oh right. So a random guy at the bar snoops at another guy’s phone and that results in a conversation, not a punch up? Yep, that sounds like something guys do. No one would have an issue with that.

AND you formed such a close bond that you discussed jobs and everything? Sounds totally feasible. I bet you had a sword fight too.

Honestly, how dumb do guys think we are?!?

Wanna sword fight? - WANNA SWORD FIGHT? Pickup Line Scientist

Source: Quick Meme

Inspirational Fitted Sheet Folding

Last night I caught up with some friends for drinks to celebrate Ms K’s birthday. As often happens, I spent a bit of time lamenting on how difficult it is proving to find myself a man.

I was telling my friends about my time on RSVP, Tinder and POF and how all the men I am currently meeting on these sites are boring. Ridiculously boring.

I also told them about a French guy I met on POF last week and because we were both pretty busy this week, we couldn’t catch up before Sunday night (tonight). Throughout the week, Frenchie has been txting me relentlessly. Now, I know that many of my recent posts have been complaining about the lack of contact from men. I guess it’s one of those situations where the grass is always greener, because this guy has been messaging me morning, noon and night. Even if I haven’t yet responded to a txt, he will sent another, then another…

So I was becoming increasingly less interested in this guy as the week progressed and then yesterday he sent me this…


After that, I don’t think I could have mustered up any attraction to this man again. Not if he had a sexy french accent like the gorgeous chef Manu Feildel. Note even if he looked like Channing Tatum.

Yesterday afternoon I called him to suss out if he sounded like a complete weirdo or not, and if he did I would pull the pin on the date tonight. I called, got voicemail and his accent was not sexy. Not one bit sexy. I didn’t leave a message and I haven’t heard back from him, or received my inspirational quote for the day, so I guess he is another one of my dates that has died. At least I’m not too fussed this time.

Back to Ms K’s drinks, at one point we were discussing different ways to fold a fitted sheet with each of us describing how we prefer to do it. It became very clear at that point that I need to get out more… single, highly desirable man is hanging out discussing sheet folding!!

(Although I did have a lovely time catching up with my friends!)

I give up!!!

Over the past two months or so, I have dated quite a lot of guys. Mostly only once. Sometimes we got to a second date. But mostly it ended as quickly as it begun.

I have had no success with Tinder. Damo the douche and the one with the Little Sausage both came from Tinder. The other guys I’ve met from there turned out to be assholes too.

I’ve pretty much maxed out RSVP. When I log in, most of the guys on there I’ve already had contact with, or they are particularly hideous and will be on the shelf for a long time.

I invested in dating through the Executive Matchmaker and A Table for Six under the misguided impression that paying more would lead to meeting a higher quality candidate, a man with his shit together, who is serious about a relationship. But no, it’s been a complete waste of money.

I thought when I went back to uni to do my MBA that I might meet a smart and ambitious man who would be well suited to me. I’ve met lots of them actually, but they all have wives already.

I’ve asked all my friends if they have any friends they can set me up with, but no one knows anyone new to introduce me to.

I’m definitely not the type to date where I work, but having said that there is no one that I would be interested in there anyway.

So what’s a girl to do?? A few of my friends have suggested I take a step back from my focused dating efforts and hope that the old adage that you find someone when you’re not looking rings true. I’m not sure I can trick fate like that, and prior to about 18 months ago, I actually wasn’t doing too much to find a man and the only thing that happened was that I ate a lot of pizza whilst drinking wine alone on my couch at home.

If I don’t do anything I feel Im destined to have 18 cats by the end of the year. But I’m really bored with this relentless routine of dating dickheads, so I’m thinking I should give it up for a while.


Date 2 of 6 this Weekend

Where are you?

Date 2 was a lunch date with a guy I had been talking to on RSVP for a couple of weeks. We had decided to meet up for Yum Cha at Bondi at 1pm. I had an appointment in the morning and thought I would head home after it for a while, then head to Bondi. But when the appointment ran late, it was easiest to leave from there, which meant I was half an hour early for lunch.

I messaged my date and told him that I had inadvertently arrived rather early and that if he too by chance was early as well, we could catch up earlier. He replied after 10 minutes saying he would be there in 10 mins, so I was expecting him about 10 minutes to 1pm. Sweet.

That comes and goes and no sign of him. Then 1pm comes….and goes. At 1:08pm I’m starting to get annoyed, then I get a message saying ‘Just parking now’. OK….. Then at 1:20pm I get another message saying ‘I’m here’ but I can’t see him anywhere. I reply and say I’m still waiting where I said I was and then a few minutes later he finally arrives.

I can’t stand lateness. It is such a selfish trait that the other person doesn’t care enough to get themselves together and be on time and just wastes your time. Sure, I understand things happen. But at least manage other people’s time better. Tell them as soon as you know you will be late, not well after the time you should of been there!

So it’s an awkward meet, then we have to stand in queue for a while to get a table. We sit down and yum cha may have been a poor choice as he is near the aisle where the cart is going past and I am right up against two other loud tables and he has to keep translating to me what is in the cart and we have to make quick decisions, but we don’t know what the other likes.

We get quite a few dishes though and conversation is flowing ok, but it’s not very sparky or flirty. But how flirty can a lunch date be??

We finish up after about an hour and 20 mins and head out. He pays saying he couldn’t possibly let me go halves after making me wait so long. We walk outside to the car park together and i kiss him on the cheek and say ‘chat soon’ and head off on my way.

I can’t say I really felt a connection to him. He was a nice enough guy, but I’m not sure I’d be any more interested in him after a second date. But still, it’s often nice to meet new people and yum cha is fantastic, so all in all other than the lateness it was a good date.

Dating Palooza Weekend

Love Match

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. It is pouring this weekend.

I have 4 different dates over 3 days, with 6 guys in total. Let me explain.

Date 1 – Chef I met on Tinder – met him tonight at a local pub. We had dinner, lots of chatting and I had a really nice time. I would be keen to go on a second date with him, but can’t say I felt the chemistry tonight.

Date 2 – Lunch Saturday with a real estate guy I met on RSVP

Date 3 – This is my first dinner with a dinner club I signed up with in February where they match 3 guys and 3 girls and send them out to dinner. I have quite low expectations of this as all I know about these men are that they are 30-40 yrs old and they like eating dinner!! They may be short, they may have kids, they may be smokers, they may wear jackets with elbow patches….

But this should be a fun night as it is at an Italian restaurant in the city and I’ve been keen to go check out the Vivid light festival on the harbour, so I feel I can’t go wrong.

Date 4 – Late afternoon drinks on Sunday with a sexy English accent guy from Tinder

If it’s a numbers game, I might have it pegged. They do say you kiss a lot of frogs before….

I will also have to write about my matchmaker dramas this week. Basic premise is that after I complained about how unhappy I am with the service and asked for half my money back as she has only provided half the dates, she told me that I’m too picky with the men I decline and that men are declining my profile a lot. Well, I seem to be getting plenty of dates from men who have seen my online profiles…and most of these guys are free!

Wish me luck!

What was he thinking?

Just a quick update today. I was just perusing RSVP to see if there was any new stock and I see a new member with the nickname of ‘FreshMovements’. Now I’m thinking about ‘BowelMovements’ and associating it with him.

Girls don’t want to think about poo whilst dating. Geeze, most women need to see a man about 82 times before they would even feel half ok about doing a No. 2 at his place.

Seriously, what was he thinking?