Matchmaker Court Ordered to Refund

My friend, Ms E, who has been closely following my interactions with Blue Label Life (BLL) messaged me earlier in the week to tell me that she had just heard a news item on the radio about a dating agency in Melbourne being court ordered to refund their matchmaking fee for providing unsatisfactory service.

Sound familiar??

I googled the story and found that it was actually the same company that I went through, but their Melbourne office.

Read the story here.

I particularly like the part in the article that mentions that BLL believe Sofia’s ‘behaviour and what we felt at the time were unreasonable demands made it impossible for a resolution to be found’.

Sound familiar??

The article included the journalist’s details, so I emailed him and told him that I too had a similar experience with BLL and asked him to pass on my details and the link to this blog as I would love to talk to Sofia who was featured in the article. He said that had had received a number of similar emails that day.

Later that day Sofia contacted me to tell me that she was being interviewed on the Project on Channel 10. I rushed home to watch and it was a funny little story towards the end of the show. Sofia was asked by the panel if she would get her money back and despite the court order (which BLL are appealing according to the article), she said she has little chance of actually getting the refund, but she is just happy that she has got the word out there so others know how her experience panned out.

I hear ya sister! I feel the same way. Views of my blog went a little nuts that day and I have noticed a new negative post has been posted on True Local since.

The Dating Intelligence Test

I’m not finding many good fish on POF. There are a lot of shall we say ‘bogan types’ on this particular site, which is evident by the spelling and use of/lack of grammar in their profiles.

This is actually the great thing about online dating. You get to do an intelligence test on potential future husbands before even contacting them.

If a man can’t manage the appropriate use of their/there/they’re or your/you’re, they are likely missing many other important life skills.

Which makes this Facebook post even funnier. Yes, I am over the debacle that was the Executive Matchmaker, but before I unliked their Facebook page I noticed this post. Whoever you are Matt Strempel, you are freakin’ hilarious and my favourite person this week.

I’m currently taking applications of candidates wishing to be my favourite person next week. Email me. Seriously. Do it. Do it now…

Facebook PostPicture Source: Facebook

My Response to Blue Label Life – The End

This is the end of my dealings with Blue Label Life. Of course, I always knew there was a risk that this idea would end up being just a waste of money. Let’s face it, you have to expect that from any dating agency based on all the negative reviews online. But I assume many people are ashamed that they got ‘done’ by these agencies and keep it to themselves. I am not that type of person!

I’m a big believer in word of mouth marketing and I recommend things to my friends all the time. So much so, that I think I should be getting commission from some companies! But it also works the other way and I now have nothing positive to say out of this whole Executive Matchmaker experience. I replied to the agency with the below….

Hi Candace,

Defamatory implies false accusation. I have been truthful in my assessment of the service that your company has provided in my True Local posts. Much of which can be verified through our communications. Even in this email you are confirming that at least 2 of your male members never replied to the match, a third that you couldn’t reach for a while, which is part of my complaint on True Local.

Your argument that you gave me 19 matches is ludicrous if you consider that to be membership activity of value.

I can only assume that you do have success with some members to have been in business for a number of years, but based on my experience you have failed to deliver the quality of service expected on this occasion. Even top restaurants serve bad meals occasionally, but they retain their strong reputation by the way they handle the odd poor performance.

Thank you for your offer to ‘entertain’ me in extending my membership, but as already stated I do not wish to continue my relationship with you as it has been full of frustration, time wasting and I do not see the quality in your service.

It is disappointing that you have taken this approach in attempting to resolve this situation and that we have now parted ways with me being an entirely dissatisfied customer.  I am currently quite active in Sydney’s dating scene and I do get asked about your company frequently. There is no need for me to make false accusations, I can only speak openly and honestly about my experience and as we have discussed at length, it is not a positive story.



Blue Label Life Responds to Refund Request

Today I finally got a reply from Blue Label Life in response to my complaints and refund request. They clearly had spent a lot of time trying to verify that they spent a lot of time on finding me love and that they do not owe me anything. It’s quite an interesting read in my opinion.

Below is a direct copy and paste of their email to me which details all the ‘matches’ they believe they gave me. I have added in my own comments <like this> about the quality of these matches.

You be the judge!

Dear <SeriouslySingleInSyd>,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have had a discussion with Samantha and Elizabeth regarding your membership and the defamatory posts on True Local.

I would like for you to take a look at the detailed description of the work that has been provided for your membership.

Following is a summary of your membership –

Date joined: 7th August, 2013

Membership level: Gold = 6 introductions/matches

Membership terms state that one introduction/match per month. Each member is entitled to decline two matches before they are counted as an introduction.

Your preferences according to information obtained primarily during the initial consultation but which may have been added to as your membership progressed: ‘Preferences: Ideally looking for someone 32 – 44yrs old , intelligent, foodie, prefers no kids, funny, ambitious, preferably 6ft and above, good teeth, masculine, she makes approx $xxx a year and would like someone in a similar range, has interest in cars.

There has been considerable amount of administration involved with your membership, this is charged at a $350.00 administration fee; this includes uploading your profile to our internal system and set-up of your account on our internal database.

Compatibility tests are valued at $100 per match, total value = $600. Please note we do not charge for the five (5) declines made against you.

Photo shoot – The photo-shoot itself cost $150.00 and then for an additional $50.00 we were provided with one (1) photograph of our choosing.

Coaching with Samantha: $500.

There have been 19 Matches established and sent to you as an introduction or an invitation to meet – We normally work on a one match per month basis. In the 10 months you have been a member we have sent you 19 introductions, 8 of which you have declined. As you will see below we have met our obligations pertaining to the number of matches we have provided you with.

Gold Membership = 6 matches.

Your membership activity = 19 matches.

1. 20/08/2013 Introducing Man 1 (you accepted / numbers exchanged) <Clerical worker who didn’t answer MM’s email for over a week, so she sent me Man 2 in the meantime. We eventually did meet though on 17/09/2013 as per this post>

2. 28/08/2013 Introducing Man 2 (you declined) <Man 2 was 175cm tall. I am 178cm tall. A man who is taller than me was in my top 5, which from my initial interview I believed would be the factors that they focused on. I also said I’d prefer to wait for Man 1 to respond, which I feel is a reasonable request to have just one man on the go at a time when you are attempting to find a serious relationship>

3. 23/09/2013 Introducing Man 3 (you declined) <This man I freely admit that there was nothing specific in his profile that didn’t meet the criteria I had discussed with MM, but he appeared stuffy, wrote about liking to visit museums on weekends, his favourite movies were French arty films and I really just didn’t see what we would have in common. This was also after me expressing my disappointment with my membership after Man 1 kept me waiting for weeks and then was not professional or executive>

4. 25/09/2013  Introducing Man 4 (you accepted/ he declined) <Not a match, T&Cs do not say men that reject you are a match. I also feel the expert matchmaking process is falling down if you keep getting declines as they say they only match you with people that they see as highly compatible to you and thus unlikely to decline I would assume>

5. 25/09/2013  Introducing Man 5 (you accepted/ he declined) <Not a match, note 2 matches given on the same day. Scattergun approach>

6. 27/09/2013  Introducing Man 6 (you accepted / numbers exchanged) <This is the truck driver. MM agreed to wipe him from my match tally as he clearly did not meet the standards of the agency. Read about this date here>

7. 17/10/2013 Introducing Man 7 (you declined) <This match was given immediately after a long discussion with MM about my disappointment with the service to date. She said she was committed to getting it right. Man 7 was 5’9”, I am 5’10”. Another match that didn’t meet my ‘Top 5’>

8. 21/10/2013 Introducing Man 8 (you accepted / numbers exchanged) <This is the spitter. Read about that date here>

9. 22/11/2013 Introducing Man 9 (you declined) <This was probably the most ridiculous suggestion of all the men I was matched with. Firstly he looked like he was about 50. Secondly, he had children. Thirdly, he lived in Melbourne, but came to Sydney regularly. Oh great, a booty call guy! I can get those for free on Tinder (or anywhere really). Again I had to have the conversation with MM about being disappointed with the service>

10. 18/12/2013 Introducing Man 10 (you declined) <This man was gorgeous! Sounded smart, successful, was 6’2” and sounded amazing. His profile stats indicated that he had no children, so I excitedly read on only to see him mention his ‘boy’ as one of his greatest achievements. I responded to MM asking if he had kids or not? She had to check and said yes he does, but he rarely sees him as he is interstate with his mum. Hmmm, was that actually supposed to make it better? If I was to change my mind that I was happy to date a man with children, I certainly wouldn’t want a man that isn’t being a real dad to his kids. This was the point at which I posted my first True Local review and I booked in for my ‘relationship coaching’ session with the agency’s owner & CEO Samantha, with the intention of using this session to express how unsatisfied I was with the service. I did this, but my concerns were dismissed>

11. 16/01/2013 Introducing Man 11 (you declined) <Note 3 men were given to me on the same day on this occasion. MM said she had already sent Man 13 before, but I had not received that email. I said yes to 12 and 13 for the time being. 3 was a bit much!>

12. 16/01/2013 Introducing Man 12  (you accepted/ numbers exchanged) <This is the Stockbroker. My first suitable match in terms of his qualities, but his poor dating behaviour tripped us up. Read about him here and here>

13. 16/01/2013 Introducing Man 13 (you accepted/ he declined) <I actually never heard back from MM about this guy either way. I got distracted by Man 12>

14. 19/03/2014 Introducing Man 14 (you accepted/ we could not reach him) <A man that went AWOL, obviously very committed to his membership and finding a relationship >

15. 11/04/2014 Introducing Man 15 (you accepted/ we could not get in touch with him for awhile, away and would like to meet end of June) <It was almost 2 months before they heard back from Man 15 and conveniently on the same day I asked for a refund>

16.  02/05/2014 Introducing Man 16 (you accepted/ we could not reach Man 16) <Again?!?!>

17. 19/05/2014 Introducing Man 17 (you accepted/ Man 17 declined) <Not a match>

18. 29/05/2013 Introducing Man 18 (your email was read as a decline, we can still send him your profile should you wish to proceed) <I again asked for a refund on this day and it was declined. I then was sent this guy who was shorter than me and I had no real attraction to anything in his profile, but I told MM ‘I do not feel I will be attracted to Man 18.  As you have acknowledged, he is outside of my preferences. If you are so confident that this is the way forward, let’s give it a test hey’. She took this as a decline, but it was not. Weeks later I again said I wanted a refund as I hadn’t even ever heard back about Man 18 and they can’t seem to find me a match at all. I posted about my disatisfaction again on True Local and mentioned the refund request. CEO declined my refund request. >

19. 19/06/2014 Introducing Man 19  (CEO has headhunted him, you declined) <I responded that as per the numerous conversations we had had, I have no confidence in their service and I just wish to terminate the relationship. I did not request them to headhunt for me, nor do I want this>

Having carefully considered your membership activity, we have come to the conclusion that given the term and conditions, your membership is complete and we will not be offering a refund. However, in good faith we would be happy to entertain a negotiation including coaching or a possible extension to your membership.

I am happy to discuss this and any questions you may have regarding this matter. Feel free to call at any time.

Have a lovely day.

We love to hear from you. If you would like another match, please contact a BLL team member every month! 

Kind regards,


Blue Label Life (BLL)

Melbourne | Sydney |Canberra

Head Office: Level 11 | 84 Pitt St | Sydney | NSW, 2000

T: 02 8065 6400



The Never Ending Story

I haven’t updated about my dealings with Blue Label Life and how they are attending to my complaint and request for a refund for a few weeks. Mostly because not much has happened. They have continued to string me along.

Last week we finally got to a point where over the weekend my matchmaker (MM) had said that they wanted to discuss an ‘amicable solution’ on Monday. I then had a lengthy conversation with her on Monday (during business hours) and the outcome was that nothing had changed. They were still persisting in saying they wanted to keep working with me and ‘find me love’. I reiterated that I did not wish to continue working with them as there is nothing in my experience so far over the 9 months that indicates they can deliver on what they advertise themselves to offer.

Mid-week I was sent an update that my MM was still talking to the CEO of the dating agency about a resolution, but in a meantime they were ‘headhunting’ to find a man for me, even though this is a service usually only reserved for some kind of premium member that must pay an alarming amount of cash for their service. The email included a picture of a man they had supposedly found that was perfect for me.

I responded that I did not want them headhunting for me. The only outcome I want now is to end the relationship with them with a 50% refund. Considering the matches I had, realistically I think it would be reasonable to ask for a full refund. I feel that I’m making a concession asking for only 50%!

My MM says she will come back to me the next day. That day passes, no contact. I email to follow up. We plan to chat the following day.

Late Friday I get the call that I was sure by this point after all of the backwards and forwards would be about the long awaited refund. AGAIN the conversation is that they will not give me a refund and they will only consider doing this if I remove my negative review on True Local. Firstly, I don’t think you can remove posts. True Local actually asked me to substantiate my negative comment by providing a copy of my contract to verify that I have been a genuine customer of them. I am sure they don’t do this with positive reviews and I certainly question the positive reviews are legitimate the way that they are written. Secondly, it feels quite deceptive to be hiding that they have failed to deliver on my agreement with them. If they truly believe that this is an anomoly and that their service is top notch, surely the best outcome is to resolve this matter professionally and not let it impact future business. I have actually offered to post a follow up comment on True Local that we worked together for a satisfactory outcome – if they ever come to the party.

Anyway, after another 30 minute phone call late on Friday night, again nothing was resolved. I tell my MM I no longer want to argue the point with her and I wish to speak to the CEO directly. I instead get contacted by their Customer Relations person late on Monday. She tells me that she wants to work through this with me and will be in touch on Tuesday. I reply and say I have wasted an exceptional amount of time on this (it really is a never ending story) and that I will not rehash the matter with her. I am only interested in the refund request and I had expected the situation to be resolved today, so I really hope we can close this out tomorrow.

It’s now tomorrow. I have heard nothing for them. How f’ing ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

I give up!!!

Over the past two months or so, I have dated quite a lot of guys. Mostly only once. Sometimes we got to a second date. But mostly it ended as quickly as it begun.

I have had no success with Tinder. Damo the douche and the one with the Little Sausage both came from Tinder. The other guys I’ve met from there turned out to be assholes too.

I’ve pretty much maxed out RSVP. When I log in, most of the guys on there I’ve already had contact with, or they are particularly hideous and will be on the shelf for a long time.

I invested in dating through the Executive Matchmaker and A Table for Six under the misguided impression that paying more would lead to meeting a higher quality candidate, a man with his shit together, who is serious about a relationship. But no, it’s been a complete waste of money.

I thought when I went back to uni to do my MBA that I might meet a smart and ambitious man who would be well suited to me. I’ve met lots of them actually, but they all have wives already.

I’ve asked all my friends if they have any friends they can set me up with, but no one knows anyone new to introduce me to.

I’m definitely not the type to date where I work, but having said that there is no one that I would be interested in there anyway.

So what’s a girl to do?? A few of my friends have suggested I take a step back from my focused dating efforts and hope that the old adage that you find someone when you’re not looking rings true. I’m not sure I can trick fate like that, and prior to about 18 months ago, I actually wasn’t doing too much to find a man and the only thing that happened was that I ate a lot of pizza whilst drinking wine alone on my couch at home.

If I don’t do anything I feel Im destined to have 18 cats by the end of the year. But I’m really bored with this relentless routine of dating dickheads, so I’m thinking I should give it up for a while.


I Want My Money Back!

Last week I decided that I had had enough of dealing with the Blue Label Life matchmaking agency and I requested a refund. Basically all of my interactions with my matchmaker now consist of her suggesting a guy for me, me being underwhelmed by their profile but having no real reason to decline them, so I tell her I’m interested in meeting him and then I wait, and wait, and wait.

Sometimes I chase her for an update, sometimes she will proactively offer me one. Early April she sent me the profile of a surgeon. Now remember I had a very bumpy start with Blue Label Life where the first match I had was a government worker who essentially was a customer service person answering phones, perhaps you could classify his role as clerical at best. The second match was the petrol tank driver who told me that he was a problem for the agency as all the women expect him to be an executive or a professional and call the agency to complain after they have been matched with him or go on a date with him. So I was relieved to get someone who meets their own self-proclaimed standards.

After two weeks, the surgeon had not replied to my matchmaker to say whether he was interested in me or not. My matchmaker said that she suspected he was ‘busy with surgeries’. So she found me someone else in the meantime whilst he was busy saving lives.

Next was an entrepreneur. Now, that could just mean he had an ABN or an eBay account, but I told my matchmaker yes I was interested in meeting him. Two weeks pass and nothing. I ask my matchmaker what happened with the entrepreneur. Perhaps he died? She said that she has made contact with him and that he has been interstate on business. Apparently they do not have internet in any state of Australia besides Sydney, so he couldn’t check his email to read my profile and say if he was interested or not.

This is a relentless story. Last week I decided I was sick of waiting, this process has never saved me time (which is a key selling point of their service according to their website) and I decided to request a refund for the 3 matches I am owed. I originally signed up in August and the process is supposed to be 6 matches in 6 months. I have had 4 matches, but we had agreed to remove the petrol tank driver from the match tally so it sits at 3 after 9 months. I’m still getting nowhere and I honestly believe that they just don’t have many male members. I’ve seen a couple of other comments online claiming the same problem.

I have a long drawn out conversation where my matchmaker says she can’t give me my money back and that it’s not her fault if guys keep saying no to me. This is the first she has brought this up and convenient timing. I absolutely understand that she can’t make guys like me and that I may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I was repeatedly told when I joined that they had plenty of guys on the books and many highly compatible matches based on the survey I did online before the first meeting. Otherwise, I feel that if she didn’t think she could find me dates, or thought I was an undesirable candidate, surely they shouldn’t take me on??

I am offered another ‘relationship counselling’ session with their CEO who I met in January and she just tried to convince me to let go of all my preferences so I have a chance of finding love. I’ve mentioned the top 5 criteria I gave my matchmaker on my initial meeting, nothing too outrageous really. Plus, this agency promotes themselves as a discerning agency where you can get the type of person you want. Many others don’t! I suspect that this counselling about dropping your preferences may work on the meek minded who now realise they have done their dough on the membership fee so relent.

I was also told I could put my membership on hold, or transfer it to someone else. Geeze, not sure I know someone that I dislike enough to pass on this pain! We end the conversation with me being entirely unsatisfied and apparently the surgeon has conveniently responded to her since I lodged my request for a refund and he will be available to meet in two weeks. I’m told he has been overseas and that is why he hasn’t responded for 2 months (no internet in America either it seems).

Later that day my matchmaker sends me the profile of a new guy. He is shorter than me. Arrrrgggggghhhhh!!!!!

I have posted a review on True Local about my experience and my request for a refund. Note that the business name on their page has been changed to something completely unrelated to BLL. That happened after negative reviews started appearing. I guess it is just a coincidence…

The True Local page comes up as soon as you google Blue Label Life now. I wish I could find reviews like this before I signed up. Before I met with them I googled them extensively with terms like ‘Blue Label Life Dating Agency’, ‘Blue Label Life Reviews’, ‘Blue Label Life Sydney’, Blue Label Life Executive Matchmaker’, ‘Blue Label Life Complaints’, ‘Blue Label Life Scam’ etc and got almost nothing! There is now a lot more online and unfortunately some have had a very similar experience to myself.

Dating Palooza Weekend

Love Match

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. It is pouring this weekend.

I have 4 different dates over 3 days, with 6 guys in total. Let me explain.

Date 1 – Chef I met on Tinder – met him tonight at a local pub. We had dinner, lots of chatting and I had a really nice time. I would be keen to go on a second date with him, but can’t say I felt the chemistry tonight.

Date 2 – Lunch Saturday with a real estate guy I met on RSVP

Date 3 – This is my first dinner with a dinner club I signed up with in February where they match 3 guys and 3 girls and send them out to dinner. I have quite low expectations of this as all I know about these men are that they are 30-40 yrs old and they like eating dinner!! They may be short, they may have kids, they may be smokers, they may wear jackets with elbow patches….

But this should be a fun night as it is at an Italian restaurant in the city and I’ve been keen to go check out the Vivid light festival on the harbour, so I feel I can’t go wrong.

Date 4 – Late afternoon drinks on Sunday with a sexy English accent guy from Tinder

If it’s a numbers game, I might have it pegged. They do say you kiss a lot of frogs before….

I will also have to write about my matchmaker dramas this week. Basic premise is that after I complained about how unhappy I am with the service and asked for half my money back as she has only provided half the dates, she told me that I’m too picky with the men I decline and that men are declining my profile a lot. Well, I seem to be getting plenty of dates from men who have seen my online profiles…and most of these guys are free!

Wish me luck!

Matchmaker date 3 – The Spitter

Beautiful girl portrait with umbrella

This is an older story that happened probably October or so last year – but it has to be told. Honestly, this whole executive matchmaker thing has been so ridiculous that people often ask if I am making it up! I’ve paid this company a significant amount of money to get access to a more exclusive group of men than I am finding on RSVP and Tinder and I’m getting nothing but undateable duds!

I assumed the men would have good jobs seeing they were able to pay for their membership too, but this hasn’t been the case with the call centre worker or the petrol tank driver. I can only assume that the men pay less (if at all) as there is definitely a man shortage in Sydney!

So after two dud dates, one that we have agreed does not count (the petrol tank driver) as he is certainly not a professional, nor an executive, I am hopeful my matchmaker (MM) has finally pulled it together. The next man she sends me heads up an IT dept at a major company, is late 30’s by the look of it, his profile seems interesting and he lists his height as 5’11 which is just 1 inch taller than me, but it will do.

I say I would be happy to meet him, he also says he is happy to meet me and we speak on the phone to arrange a date. We agree to meet at a bar in the city one night after work. As I am approaching the bar, I notice that I am walking behind a man wearing a backpack looking quite confused about where he is going. I also notice that he has a bald spot rapidly approaching, but hey again, I am not perfect and I think I have to accept thinning hair in men getting towards their 40’s. But if Ricky Martin had turned up AND decided he was straight, I’d certainly take that instead….

This man turns around and I see that it is definitely my guy. I approach and say his name as a question to confirm it is him, he says yes and I go to give him the standard first date kiss on the cheek….and he extends his hand for a handshake. Okay…….

I also notice at this point that he is wearing teeth braces. And not the discreet type that I see some mature adults wearing these days, certainly not invisalign. They looked exactly like the ones that my fellow students wore in school with the elastics. I immediately feel a bit bad for him thinking that he must have had a car accident or fell off a horse or something to be his age and wearing those kind of braces.

We head into the bar and whilst I look at the cocktail menu, he stands behind me and to the side like we are not together at all. The barman is the typical, flirty, ‘I work for tips’ kind of barman and he asks me about my day and we have a cheeky conversation as if my date is not standing right there, or perhaps he thinks he is my special cousin standing all shy in the corner. We order and then the barman clicks that I am with this guy and he asks him for the $18 for both drinks. He hands over a $20 and I too have a $20 and I offer to pay instead as my drink was far more expensive than his cider, but he says to not worry.

We find a table outside on the balcony overlooking the water. I am sitting facing the water and the sun is setting so I’m wearing my sunglasses for the glare. The conversation is awkward, he seems very uncomfortable and I’m waiting for the story about the teeth. He also seems to be missing both canine teeth on the top row. A man of his age, who is trying to date and find a serious partner, surely should be coughing up the story as to why he is wearing braces like a teenager.

When MM originally met with me and asked what my top 5 deal breakers were I told her:

1. intelligent

2. Funny

3. Tall

4. Nice Teeth

5. No kids

I can’t help but wonder whilst he is telling some story how MM thought he would be a good match for me when CLEARLY I rated nice teeth quite highly. I also recalled that in his profile picture his mouth was shut, thus withholding crucial information about the date!

He continues to talk and I start noticing that the black laminate (classy) table that we are sitting at is increasingly being populated with little dots of water. Which are flying from his mouth. Yes, flying through the air with the greatest of ease.

Yet, still no comment about the braces. Then I look down at my glass. There is a droplet of moisture on the side of my glass that does not look like condensation. What the hell is inside the glass now?!?! Suddenly I am not so thirsty…..

But it got worse, oh so much worse!! Just after I regroup after discovering the glass spit, I feel a drop on my hand. Yes, his spit has landed on my hand.

Is this story bad enough yet? Do you think it couldn’t get any worse? Do you think I’m making it up? You can’t make this shit up. Trust me.

Next, a ball of spit lands on my sunglasses lens. A big ball of spit. That I am now looking through. It’s burring my vision out of my right eye. He must see it. He is looking straight at me. But he doesn’t seem to react at all.

What do I do?!?!? I feel too rude to get a tissue out of my handbag and wipe his spittle off my sunglasses. But why the fuck doesn’t he feel too rude to not acknowledge he is spitting all over me?!?!?!

I’m done. He has finished his drink and he asks me if I’d like another, but I say I have to get home and study for a uni exam. We stand and this is the first time we’ve stood close together long enough for me to notice that he is actually shorter than me. Yep, he might be 5’9″ at best. So, as I always say, men always add an extra inch.

We say goodbye and I head off deflated that my third date with this agency has been a bust.

First thing in the morning I’m on the phone to my MM and summon her to my office to meet me for coffee so we can discuss how crap this service has been. She actually has the balls to comment that she will contact my date before she comes to get some feedback about what he thought about me. Really, what is he going to say? I had too many teeth??!?! Can you find me someone who appreciates a guy spewing bodily fluids all over her…..on the first date ;p

Matchmaker date 1 – Black Tooth

I’ve mentioned that I’ve ‘hired’ an Executive Matchmaker before, but I’ve not gone into detail about my first three dates before the stockbroker as yet. It’s time!

I joined up with the dating agency back in August last year. After the initial meeting and parting with some cash, I needed to go on a professional photo shoot to get my profile pic done (which was rubbish, I’ve taken better selfies after a few glasses of wine) and write my own profile. Yes, after an extensive interview where my matchmaker quizzed me for answers to questions very similar to the profile form, I indeed had to write my own profile before I could get started. Already I was getting value for money…

After submitting my profile I was matched quite quickly and sent a profile of a blonde guy. Now I usually don’t like blondes, but he was an attractive man….except he appeared to have a black tooth in his picture. I was alarmed. Nice teeth are one of the few physical attributes that I really care about in a partner.

I told my matchmaker (MM) that I would be keen to meet him and then she gave him my profile to consider. Once he too said yes, MM gave us each other’s phone number and left it with us. They recommend that the guy messages the girl first, but say if you haven’t heard from him in a day or two, the girl should make contact. I didn’t hear from him for a couple of days, so I took the bull by the horns – reluctantly. Although I am a modern woman in many ways, there are certain parts of life that I like men to play a traditional role.

We played phone tag for a bit, but eventually we were able to chat on the phone. He sounded really nervous and couldn’t talk for long, but we arranged to meet up in about 2 weeks time as he was about to go away for a bit. He made absolutely no contact with me during that time, so after such a slow start I was not looking forward to meeting up with him. I need momentum! I actually went on the date thinking that I just wanted to get it over with and move onto my next date.

I arrived at the bar that we were meeting at and waited out the front briefly before he arrived. He was shorter than I expected (again I think he added an inch on his profile) but he was quite nice looking with a cheeky smile…..and no black tooth!!

He bought us both a drink and we took a seat in a quiet corner of the bar. We chatted about where we lived (he was way out west uggghhh) and our work and I discovered he worked for the government….if you could even call it working. He spoke a lot about how little he actually needed to go to work due to RDOs, accrued leave etc and it was clear that work was not that important to him. So why was he at a dating agency targeting professionals?!?! It also sounded like he had quite a menial job answering phones in the govt office. I would certainly have not called it ‘professional’ or ‘executive’. We finished our drinks and he then told me that he needed to head off as he had to catch the train home and it takes over an hour.

We parted ways with a kiss on the cheek and I drove home rather deflated. Would this be the standard of all the men I met through through the agency? Was this guy their ‘decoy’ that they sent out on their first dates so women think all the guys were good looking? Was he a paying member of the dating agency as he seemed very non-fussed by the whole process?

I called my MM the next morning to debrief on the date. I expressed my disappointment that my date was not executive or professional and essentially my concerns were brushed off by my MM.

But it was only date 1 of 6. So I decided to remain positive that I would get matched up with a great man next!