I’ve Fallen For a Man That I Don’t Find Attractive

Who would have thought it was possible? I certainly didn’t. Sure, I’ve heard stories of it happening, but only to people with far lower standards than me ;p

I count physical attraction as one of my top 4 elements of compatability for me to be really in to someone. No, I’m not expecting the chiselled good looks of the deliciously tall Bondi Vet or the Magic Mike body of Channing Tatum (although I wouldn’t knock them back…) but I do want someone that I actually like to look at when I talk to them.

I’ve often debated this issue with people that like to tell me that I’m single because I’m ‘too picky’. I’m told to give the guy with the bad teeth or the wonky eye a go because attraction can grow.

I agree that attraction can grow. I can prove it. I don’t usually feel that attracted to guys with dark eyes, as evident by the guy that plays Mr Grey in 50 Shades doing absolutely nothing for me! But I do remember a guy I was seeing for a few months who had brown eyes that I found reasonably physically attracted to initially, but I grew to really like how intense his brown eyes were they more I grew to like him to the point that it was my favourite feature about him even though I had hardly noticed them when we met.

So I was quite fascinated by the U.S. version of Married at First Sight when in both season 1 and season 2, one of the three women matched for marriage openly admitted that they were not attracted to the guy chosen by the ‘experts’ as her ‘perfect match’ and that the guy they picked ‘did not look like my husband’.


I’m only halfway through season 2, but it seems that both of these women committed to the experiment and ended up getting ‘crushes’ on their husbands and becoming attracted to them the more that they got to know them. As they learnt more about the guy they realised that they actually had a lot in common and they understood why the experts had matched them. These couples seemed to end up being the matches with the strongest long term relationship potential.

Now, maybe season 2 doesn’t work out that way (I’m currently binge watching the series, so I’m sure I’ll know shortly…) but from season 1, I am quite shocked that the couple stayed together.

I completely understood the bride feeling hesitant. Her groom strangely reminded me of Gargamel from the Smurfs cartoons. He also had a number of raised bubbly moles on one side of his face, he was balding and tall but hunched over. She was gorgeous and he was practically licking her lips when he saw her…

227022_103_gargamelWhen the bride saw him she shut down, still went through with marrying him but then hyperventilating cried with her family about not feeling attracted to him and claimed that she had made the worst mistake of her life. They went on their honeymoon and she was pretty much giving him death stares the entire time and smacking his hand away if he tried to touch her.

But after they moved in together and spent more time together she started to like him – and I did too!! It really surprised both of us. I didn’t see it coming AT ALL!

Especially on my behalf. I think if I turned up to a Tinder date with that guy having seen only a pic of his good side, I potentially would have faked appendicitis and called an ambulance to escape the date.

But he had a really cheeky personality, made lots of bad jokes and he was a really sweet and genuine person. He became more and more attractive to me with each episode. I felt like I was being deceived with the producers deployed some kind of photoshopping to make him more likeable. But no, it was just me falling for him…

So, I’m confused. Does this mean I should go on a date with the most repulsive man I can find on Tinder??


  1. L. Rorschach · June 10, 2015

    I believe it! My guy Texas is not someone who would turn my head on the street and yet here I am madly in love with him. And I went out with lots of gorgeous dudes!

    I shocked myself.

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  2. datingflops · June 10, 2015

    I don’t think you need the date the most “repulsive” man, but give someone a chance that you normally wouldn’t have. Try it once, see how that goes.

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