The One That Was a Little Too Refined

Winemaker with wine glass.

A few nights after the date with the one that was not quite refined enough I went on a date with a guy I’d met on RSVP. I have sworn off RSVP a number of times before as I’ve not had many good experiences with guys I’ve met from there, but for some reason I occasionally take a look again and sometimes find someone that catches my eye.

This guy was yet another Mr M and we had exchanged a few emails before moving to txt. Early in the week we arranged to meet for dinner on the upcoming Saturday night with him wanting to take the initiative to plan the date. Great, I like a take charge kinda man!

I had intended to put him through the phone screen round before Saturday, but I had a really busy week and was out every night leading up to the date. But I knew he was tall, worked in Finance and that he had a Japan holiday planned for early next year, which new psychic seems to think is a path to my soulmate, so what could go wrong?

On the night I arrive by taxi to the restaurant almost bang on time for our 7pm reservation. A couple of minutes past 7pm he txts me saying that he is running late, probably about 10 minutes. Great. This will not go well. Not only do I despise lateness, particularly on a first date, but it’s even worse when they don’t even bother to pre-warn of the lateness.

So I hang around out the front of the restaurant as its a tiny quaint little French restaurant that seats 16 people max (according to the review I had pre-read) and it would be really weird for me to wait inside alone.

He eventually turns up about 7:15pm and I give him a kiss on the cheek which is beard covered. Now, I don’t mind a beard at all, in many cases I quite dig them, but none of his pics had indicated that he had facial hair.

We go inside and are seated at a table so close to the couple next to us that we are pretty much about to have dinner with them. The place is run by an elderly French couple that run it entirely by themselves. He cooks, she serves. When the owner lady sees Mr M she gives him a funny look as he has gone to give her a kiss on the cheek, then she seems to recognise him and all is good. Apparently Mr M has been going to the restaurant for 10 yrs and they are old friends.

He introduces me and she tells me that she didn’t recognise him with the beard. She then asks me if I prefer him with the beard or without. Ummmm I don’t know lady, I can barely remember his name yet. With?!?

We order and open some wine that he has brought with him. He apparently loves the food here but also loves that it is BYO as he is quite the wine collector.

He has brought 3 bottles with him including a vintage champagne and two very old French reds. We start with the champagne and it is good. The entree comes and it is average.

When the mains come he opens up the two bottles of red (which he has pre-aerated at home) saying that one would work best with his duck, the other with my fillet mignon.

Then the night started to sour. He swirled the wine, sniffed the wine, then did this disgusting almost gargle of the wine. Then he ate some of his dish, then repeated the swirl, sniff, gargle process again. Ooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaayyy. I think I’m on a date with a wine wanker.

This continued but he at least dropped the gargle step as the meal progressed. Across the table I felt compelled to do a little swirl and sniff the first time, but the sniff test was not all that pleasant. The taste test was worse. I tried the other red. That was even worse. They both tasted mouldy to me.

Throughout the night the owner lady is at our table a lot. Apparently they are old mates and he often finds her rare French wine. It’s awkward as I don’t know this guy at all and I’d prefer to be getting to know him than hearing from her on the first date.

We get dessert and afterwards the restaurant is emptying. We get the bill and because I’m not too sure I’m interested in him at this stage, plus it was quite a pricey meal and he brought the wine, I offer to go halves. He responded with ‘I’m happy to do whatever makes you comfortable’. Must say that’s one of the weirdest responses I’ve had.

We leave the restaurant and start walking up the street. Outside he seems far more relaxed and we laugh more than we have inside, so I ask him what he wants to do now as its only 10pm. He says he wants to show me his favourite wine bar.

We hail a cab and he does something really weird in that he jumps into the front seat. I get in the back and whilst he engages in a conversation with the taxi driver I curse myself for not bailing and check in with Ms E who is on security detail.

When we get to the wine bar, we are again greeted warmly by the owner. My date orders all this cheese and meat despite the fact we just had dinner and orders us some red. The owner returns to our table for a chat and Mr M who has brought the leftover wine with us (yes, me not finishing a bottle of wine at dinner – unheard of) asks the owner to try the wines and guess what they are. The owner is very charismatic and I enjoyed having him at the table for a while, but the game went on forever and I got bored and drifted from the conversation thinking about what I was going to watch on Netflix when I got home…

Eventually the bar is closing and we walk out to get a cab. Typically there are none to be had at that moment and we have to walk around in the cold and intermittent rain for about 30 mins. When we get one I say I’m happy to drop him off on the way home since it seemed unlikely we’d find 2 cabs.

Again he jumps in the front. Seriously WTF?!? So I sit in the back and check Facebook whilst we are stuck in traffic. The cab is deathly silent.

When we get to his place there is no kiss on the cheek goodbye or anything as logistically he ruined his propsects by getting in the front. So I wave him off and say ‘talk soon’ but I wasn’t sure I meant it.

I was reflecting on the date wondering if he was just trying too hard to impress and that’s why it was an average date when I get a txt from him. I actually quite expected it to be a ‘thanks but I don’t think it will work out between us’ msg, but no it was a lovely thanks and goodnight msg.

The next morning I wake up to a txt from him which was one of the weirdest txts I’ve had the morning after a date. It said that he’d forgotten to tell me last night that his favourite dog is a Labrador too (we had spoken about my childhood dog) and that he would like to have one, maybe two. Then he asked would I want a male or female. Hang on, I think this is all moving a bit too fast for me.

WTF?!? When I told a few of my gf’s about this they mostly responded with ‘what did you say he did for work again?’ When I responded with ‘finance’ most nodded their head like they suddenly understood. Apparently finance guys are well known to lack self awareness in these matters…

Great. My future husband will be clueless ;p


  1. Anonymous · April 29, 2015

    Love it. What the f*ck was up with the cab thing? That is proper weird. And gargling wine over dinner is unlikely to impress any first date. Definitely a wine wanker. A good sniff is not wine wankerish. Daft.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ambitiouswanderer · April 29, 2015

    Hahahaha, so amusing to read. I usually gollow travel blogs mainly, but this is a welcome change of reading material. Love it!


  3. bourboncigar · April 29, 2015

    Good read. Funny.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. waternymph88 · April 29, 2015

    Have nominated your blog for an award. Check the latest post on my blog…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a little weirdo! You should have asked him what was up with sitting in the front of the cab!


  6. datingflops · April 29, 2015

    Not only clueless but a wine wanker! Loved that term 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. BecHanson · April 30, 2015

    I am never surprised any more by the new, weird things a date can do. Sitting in the front seat of the cab is just strange, as is the taking your own wine, gargling etc but the funniest thing is he thinks it all went so well. Oh this sort of experience is all too familiar!

    Liked by 1 person

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