The Little One

Woman, showing small amount gesture with handLast week I started talking to an Irish guy on Tinder. He told me that he was new to the Tinder game and that he had never met anyone from the app before. He also asked if I wanted the great honour of being his first!

Yes, it was probably a line. Yes, it worked!

There was only one problem. After agreeing to meet, he then mentioned his height – 5’9″.

I’m 5’10” and I quite like wearing heels with a man! I was disappointed, but I’ve been asked a lot lately by my girlfriends if height was really that much of a deal breaker for me as they know some great shorter guys.

Well ok, I give in. It’s time to prove or disprove the importance of this item on my list.

We were getting along well on Tinder with really sparky conversation, then also on txt and we arranged to meet one night after work last week. Again I had left the phone screen round to the last minute and there seemed to be no time to squeeze it in before our date.

But on the day of our date, another aspect of my life took an unexpected turn and I decided to cancel as I needed to get some things sorted. I called him to postpone our date until later in the week. When he answers he has the sexiest Irish accent and I wish that I had called him earlier! He is completely fine with postponing the date, but he is about to travel interstate to visit family so we agree to meet for lunch on Tuesday this week.

He sends a couple of txts over the weekend and I’m quite looking forward to our lunch.

On the day I turn up at the restaurant bang on time (as usual) and he txts that he is a few minutes away. Grrrr….

When he approaches I can’t help but notice his height and he is definitely more than one inch shorter than me. As we know, men always add an extra inch.

We take a seat, he takes his sunglasses off and I notice that he is nice looking……but I also can’t help but notice that his teeth have likely not seen a dentist in about 10 years. Nor dental floss. Possibly ever. Ok SSIS, let it go….

We order and whilst we wait for our food he asks me a heap of questions. Eventually I get to ask him some and start with asking how his weekend interstate was. He tells me that it was good as he has a child who lives there and he got to spend a lot of time with them….

Kaboom! Seriously. You cannot drop the fact that you have a child into casual conversation like that!! And it gets worse.

The child is quite young and the result of a ‘short-term relationship’ with the mum. Okkkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyyy….

I half-heartedly listen to him talking about his family court battles whilst we finish our meal. Then it is time to wrap that shit up!

I left the date feeling annoyed. I believe there are 3 things that should always be disclosed upfront when dating. Based on my experience talking to both guys that I’ve dated and other single women, height, smoking status and kids are most often the deal breakers.

Oh and teeth. Ok, no, maybe that’s just me…

On a Roll…

Young man feeding his dog and shows thumbs up

Something happened to me this week that was very rom com like!

I was out Monday afternoon on a run around the bay when I got a voicemail message. I pulled off the track to check it and whilst I was standing by the water listening to the message, a little ginger fluff ball dog came up to me and dropped a ball at my feet.

I looked around and saw a guy following the dog. He came up to me and apologised saying that his dog is always trying to find someone new to throw his ball for him. I don’t know what came over me as I replied saying ‘well if it was a more manly dog I would assume that you have trained it to pick up chicks in the park, but that’s obviously your girlfriend’s dog’.

Where did I get the balls for that? Especially whilst wearing my least flattering exercise gear!

He laughed and said ‘no, it was the ex’s dog, but there is no girlfriend now’ with a cheeky grin on his face.

We chatted about the dog for a bit, how nice the afternoon was, how crazy the hail/snow was in Sydney last weekend and where we both lived and how often we are on the bay run. Then his dog started wandering away (clearly he knew that I’m not really in to fluff ball dogs) and he asked for my phone number!

Score! He seemed like a nice guy, but considering it was early afternoon he is likely a tradey which is not usually my type and he did sound a little ockerish. I also didn’t get a good look at him as he was wearing a hat and sunnies (as was I). So we’ll see what happens there…

After I left him I returned the call from the voicemail message which was from my car salesman who I’ve been quite certain will ask me out before we finish doing business together. He was arranging the delivery of my new car (yes, I’ve bought something!!!) for later this week and when he heard I’m off work at the moment, he replied ‘when are we going for a drive then??’ and he added that he has the next 2 days off work too. I replied ‘well if I had my sexy new car maybe I would want to go for a drive’. He replies saying that he has lots of sexy new cars on the lot that we can go for a drive in. I throw down the gauntlet and say if he can get me a GTR to drive then I’m in (for my girly readers who are not so into cars, it’s a $170K car which is very fast and super hot). He laughs but says he’ll see what he can do.

So I’ve set the challenge, let’s see if he delivers!

The One That Was a Little Too Refined

Winemaker with wine glass.

A few nights after the date with the one that was not quite refined enough I went on a date with a guy I’d met on RSVP. I have sworn off RSVP a number of times before as I’ve not had many good experiences with guys I’ve met from there, but for some reason I occasionally take a look again and sometimes find someone that catches my eye.

This guy was yet another Mr M and we had exchanged a few emails before moving to txt. Early in the week we arranged to meet for dinner on the upcoming Saturday night with him wanting to take the initiative to plan the date. Great, I like a take charge kinda man!

I had intended to put him through the phone screen round before Saturday, but I had a really busy week and was out every night leading up to the date. But I knew he was tall, worked in Finance and that he had a Japan holiday planned for early next year, which new psychic seems to think is a path to my soulmate, so what could go wrong?

On the night I arrive by taxi to the restaurant almost bang on time for our 7pm reservation. A couple of minutes past 7pm he txts me saying that he is running late, probably about 10 minutes. Great. This will not go well. Not only do I despise lateness, particularly on a first date, but it’s even worse when they don’t even bother to pre-warn of the lateness.

So I hang around out the front of the restaurant as its a tiny quaint little French restaurant that seats 16 people max (according to the review I had pre-read) and it would be really weird for me to wait inside alone.

He eventually turns up about 7:15pm and I give him a kiss on the cheek which is beard covered. Now, I don’t mind a beard at all, in many cases I quite dig them, but none of his pics had indicated that he had facial hair.

We go inside and are seated at a table so close to the couple next to us that we are pretty much about to have dinner with them. The place is run by an elderly French couple that run it entirely by themselves. He cooks, she serves. When the owner lady sees Mr M she gives him a funny look as he has gone to give her a kiss on the cheek, then she seems to recognise him and all is good. Apparently Mr M has been going to the restaurant for 10 yrs and they are old friends.

He introduces me and she tells me that she didn’t recognise him with the beard. She then asks me if I prefer him with the beard or without. Ummmm I don’t know lady, I can barely remember his name yet. With?!?

We order and open some wine that he has brought with him. He apparently loves the food here but also loves that it is BYO as he is quite the wine collector.

He has brought 3 bottles with him including a vintage champagne and two very old French reds. We start with the champagne and it is good. The entree comes and it is average.

When the mains come he opens up the two bottles of red (which he has pre-aerated at home) saying that one would work best with his duck, the other with my fillet mignon.

Then the night started to sour. He swirled the wine, sniffed the wine, then did this disgusting almost gargle of the wine. Then he ate some of his dish, then repeated the swirl, sniff, gargle process again. Ooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaayyy. I think I’m on a date with a wine wanker.

This continued but he at least dropped the gargle step as the meal progressed. Across the table I felt compelled to do a little swirl and sniff the first time, but the sniff test was not all that pleasant. The taste test was worse. I tried the other red. That was even worse. They both tasted mouldy to me.

Throughout the night the owner lady is at our table a lot. Apparently they are old mates and he often finds her rare French wine. It’s awkward as I don’t know this guy at all and I’d prefer to be getting to know him than hearing from her on the first date.

We get dessert and afterwards the restaurant is emptying. We get the bill and because I’m not too sure I’m interested in him at this stage, plus it was quite a pricey meal and he brought the wine, I offer to go halves. He responded with ‘I’m happy to do whatever makes you comfortable’. Must say that’s one of the weirdest responses I’ve had.

We leave the restaurant and start walking up the street. Outside he seems far more relaxed and we laugh more than we have inside, so I ask him what he wants to do now as its only 10pm. He says he wants to show me his favourite wine bar.

We hail a cab and he does something really weird in that he jumps into the front seat. I get in the back and whilst he engages in a conversation with the taxi driver I curse myself for not bailing and check in with Ms E who is on security detail.

When we get to the wine bar, we are again greeted warmly by the owner. My date orders all this cheese and meat despite the fact we just had dinner and orders us some red. The owner returns to our table for a chat and Mr M who has brought the leftover wine with us (yes, me not finishing a bottle of wine at dinner – unheard of) asks the owner to try the wines and guess what they are. The owner is very charismatic and I enjoyed having him at the table for a while, but the game went on forever and I got bored and drifted from the conversation thinking about what I was going to watch on Netflix when I got home…

Eventually the bar is closing and we walk out to get a cab. Typically there are none to be had at that moment and we have to walk around in the cold and intermittent rain for about 30 mins. When we get one I say I’m happy to drop him off on the way home since it seemed unlikely we’d find 2 cabs.

Again he jumps in the front. Seriously WTF?!? So I sit in the back and check Facebook whilst we are stuck in traffic. The cab is deathly silent.

When we get to his place there is no kiss on the cheek goodbye or anything as logistically he ruined his propsects by getting in the front. So I wave him off and say ‘talk soon’ but I wasn’t sure I meant it.

I was reflecting on the date wondering if he was just trying too hard to impress and that’s why it was an average date when I get a txt from him. I actually quite expected it to be a ‘thanks but I don’t think it will work out between us’ msg, but no it was a lovely thanks and goodnight msg.

The next morning I wake up to a txt from him which was one of the weirdest txts I’ve had the morning after a date. It said that he’d forgotten to tell me last night that his favourite dog is a Labrador too (we had spoken about my childhood dog) and that he would like to have one, maybe two. Then he asked would I want a male or female. Hang on, I think this is all moving a bit too fast for me.

WTF?!? When I told a few of my gf’s about this they mostly responded with ‘what did you say he did for work again?’ When I responded with ‘finance’ most nodded their head like they suddenly understood. Apparently finance guys are well known to lack self awareness in these matters…

Great. My future husband will be clueless ;p

New Pyschic Says

Black and white portrait of fortune-teller

Early March I went to a psychic event with some girlfriends. It was total rubbish, but I did get something out of it which was a referral to a new psychic.

A woman on our table at the event sounded a bit batty, but she told us about a psychic she had been seeing for years that sounded very much like the one I have been seeing for a few years now – but much cheaper!

When I got back from my holiday I decided to give her a call and book in. She sounds quite old and sweet, so she must be legit right?! I head over to her house and find that she lives in a nice place on the water. Hmmm this psychic gig must pay alright….

I’m a little early and whilst waiting in the car down the road from her house, l all of a sudden get more nervous about this than a Tinder date. So I message Ms E for a security check like I do on first dates so someone at least has my last known whereabouts if I go missing.

When I knock at the door I’m greeted by quite a frail looking elderly lady. I’m pretty sure I could take her if she tries to bash me and steal all my money!

She invites me in and asks me to take a seat at her dining table and offers me a coffee. We sit down and chit chat about her house and the weather before getting down to business. She gives me a deck of well worn tarot cards and asks me to shuffle them and cut the deck into 3 piles.

For the next 30 minutes we repeat the cycle of shuffle, cut and reading about 6 times with her telling me what is in store for me.

Now, the rational and logical side of me always likes to evaluate these readings as a cynic. The curious and creative side of me thinks there has been enough revealed by some of these psychics in the past that could not possibly be guessed, so maybe there is something to all of this.

Further conflict arose between the rational and curious side when the reading from the new psychic was very, very similar to the reading by my other psychic. So they are either both working to the same psychic fraudster playbook, or I got a second opinion from a qualified source of truth ;p

There are some basics that I think could certainly be guesses by these psychics. For example, each of them start the reading saying that they think I’ve already met my future husband, if not he is imminent.

Rational SSIS thinks this is something a psychic could guess with reasonable confidence that a woman that looks like she is in her 30’s without a ring on her ringer probably wants to hear this right?

Both say that this man is my soulmate and we will marry soon and be together forever. Well, it feels unlikely that they would want to say ‘you will meet your husband and he will be ok for a couple of years, but then bang your best friend’….

Both also say that I’ll have two kids (how unusual) in the next few years and that they will be very close in age. Hmmm well based on biology of a woman in her 30’s that is probably a safe bet!

Both have said that I will always have money, I’ll do ok. So I can keep coming and paying a psychic right?!

Both say that my future husband is in finance or real estate or something involving lots of contracts. Oh and he is tall and attractive. Well that’s surprising that a tall women would end up with a tall man isn’t it….

Both said I’d be taking a holiday with a group of people in the next year, including my future husband. Both mentioned Japan, but that seems to be the holiday destination of choice of late as a number of friends and dates have said they are going there early next year.

Hmmm I think I’ve convinced myself that rational SSIS should win out on this debate now!

But new psychic also told me that I had recently been through a period of stress and that I am about to embark on a period of change. Hmmm people who go to a psychic aren’t usually hoping for change are they?!? No…..

She also told me that I’m my Father’s favourite. Of course. Sorry bro. Also that my brother will get a speeding fine soon. Crap, I forgot to warn him about that!

New psychic also told me that I need to get a red candle and burn it completely and when it’s done, that is when my future husband will be on the scene. Now I love the colour red and have had many a red candle burning in my living room, but when it gets towards the end, there is too much wax and the flame burns low so I just throw it out and start a new candle.

CLEARLY I have been sabotaging my efforts to find a man. If only I knew that my candle burning habits were hindering the search!

Curious & creative SSIS has completely embraced this advice.

Burn red candle. Burn, baby, burn!

The One That Was Not Quite Refined Enough

Portrait of smiling worker in a reflective vest

After returning from my fabulous holiday I was keen to spice up my everyday life by getting stuck back into dating. I fired up the Tinder machine and worked on lining up some dates for last week.

Mr M’s profile on Tinder showed a man that was very much my type. Tall, blokey, good teeth…..except the last picture looked like he was wearing a shirt of the fluro orange variety. It was hard to tell.

But he passed the Tinder chat round, then the txt round, the phone chat round and so we lined up a date at a wine bar for one night after work. I recognised him immediately when I got to the bar (yay), we grabbed some drinks and found a table in a quiet corner of the noisy bar.

I had been the one to pick the bar after he said that I should ‘name a place and he’ll be there, anywhere’. I always prefer the guy to decide on the first date venue. Take the lead, show some initiative man! Turns out it probably would have been wise for him to have picked as the sexy dimly lit wine bar that I had picked probably wasn’t the best option to go to with a man who doesn’t really drink wine….

He was quite good looking though and had a cheeky smile. Conversation flowed easily and we laughed a lot, but there were various points along the way where I saw a few flashes of bogan come out. Now don’t get me wrong, I have flashes of bogan too apparently, but I think I hide them well until at least date 3 haha.

Over the next few hours we had a few more drinks and some dinner and then went for a drive to drop some keys off to one of his friends and to get some gelato. I wouldn’t usually jump in a car with a guy on the first date, but he seemed like a nice guy and I had my security check in place as always with Ms E remotely monitoring my movements for safety purposes!

Anyhoo, his car was some big work monstrosity. Not my style at all! It felt like we were in a truck. Hmmmm I guess that shouldn’t matter though…

Whilst we are driving his mate calls and he answers it on speaker. The mate goes ‘Hey man, how’d the date go hey, hey?’ to which I reply ‘it’s still going’. It was quite lucky that he asked that in a polite way! But listening to my date talk to his mate, he was turning more bogan by the second.

Then when we get to the gelato place Mr M mentions that he doesn’t really like gelato (ummm WTF?!?!) and decides not to get anything. Hmmmm why the hell did we go get gelato then?!? Yes, I know. We complain when men don’t do sweet lovely things for us, then we complain when they do….

He dropped me back to my car after the gelato and I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I’d had a nice time and that we should do it again soon.

He had sent me a txt by the time I got home thanking me for a fun night and suggested that we talk soon.

It was a good night, I enjoyed his company and I would be happy to see him again, but I won’t put any effort in to actively pursue him.

I doubt he is my future husband, or my mr right now, but he was definitely a fun date. I can’t complain about that!

The Night of the Peruvian Cardigan

Sunday afternoon I headed into the city to meet up with two ladies that I met speed dating late last year,  Ms M and Ms A. We had not seen each other since that night, so we grabbed some drinks and got down to catching up on each other’s lives over the past few months.

There was talk of dates, selfies, work, studies, holidays and dance comps. We were deep in conversation as a threesome when this guy approached out of nowhere and said hello. I responded and that may have been my fateful error as he locked onto me and rapid fired conversation at me. In the confusion of this robust conversation Ms M and Ms A assumed that I actually knew the guy and they carried on their conversation to the side.

Fearing that I was losing the group, that I was being separated from the pack like a baby seal being pursued by killer whales, I drew the girls back into the conversation. It seemed at this point that the guy realised that it was about to be game over and clutching at straws he decided to tell us about his cardigan.

Now I had already noticed his cardigan. It was hard not to really. He told us that he was from Peru and it was a traditional Peruvian cardigan.

It was not quite the same as this, but every bit as lame….


What would go through the mind of a single man who is travelling and out to meet some nice Aussie girls when he decided to wear that??! To a bar!

The cardigan was also really fuzzy and I instantly felt itchy looking at him. I give this guy full credit for having the balls to just walk up to girls in a bar and strike up a conversation, but meeting a man who is obviously highly likely to give me an itchy rash…. pass.

Anyhoo, conversation later turned to comparisons of our dating methodologies. I’m a big fan of Tinder as it seems to be where most of the guys hang out. It’s logic really. It’s free, it’s easy to set up and guys get to look at lots of pics of pretty girls with minimal fuss.

Ms M seemed to favour the face to face interaction of speed dating, which I totally understand but I’ve not had a good experience with speed dating since the very first time I went years and years ago. Ms A favoured other sites like RSVP and POF, which I have gone off totally as they don’t seem to attract new talent since Tinder has been on the scene.

I’m also all about efficiency and have a well honed screening process established. I like to chat in the app once or twice, if that’s good, move to txt, then to talk, then if they pass those selection rounds they get through to the final face to face round. I like this process to take about a week tops, certainly no more than two. I’m into momentum, excitement, I’m very impatient! If it’s dragging out too long I get bored and move along. But Ms A is a very busy lady at the moment and can be talking to guys online for up to 2 months. That’s commitment!

I was discussing this with another friend today, also Ms A, as to who is doing it right. We are all single, so none of us have cracked it. I couldn’t help but think of this ecard during this discussion….IMG_2857

But Ms A said that out of all her friends who are single, I am the most active getting out on dates and the most focused on dating. Yay #winning! Ok no, my competitive streak aside, I challenged her as to if that really matters? It can feel like a quantity over quality proposition sometimes.

Perhaps it is just a numbers game though. You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket….

The Latest…

I know that I’ve been quiet lately, but a lot has been happening! Here is a recap of the past month or so in the world according to me…

I turned 34

My birthday was early March and I am somehow now 34! It does feel like just the other day that I was 30 and buying myself a new car to celebrate. It was the first quite nice car that I had bought and I remember looking at a few different options, like a 2 door, 2 seater sporty little number, but I had in my head that I would have that car for 5 years and thought at the time, who knows what could happen in five years time. Surely my unicorn would have made his appearance by then, maybe I’d even have had a baby by the time I was 35. So I ended up with a reasonably sensible BMW just in case and well the unicorn hasn’t showed up, but I’m definitely at the point of getting a new car and it is definitely going to be something sexy, sporty and totally impractical!

I’ve also got a referral to go see an IVF doctor about freezing some eggs so that me and Katy Perry can have our baby together in 5 years!

The ‘Break Up’

Mid-February I mentioned the ‘former flame’ that I had dated about 2 years prior and it was a case of bad timing, but we had remained quite close. Well maybe not that close. Our very first date had been 3 or 4 days prior to my birthday and we had discussed my birthday on that date, so although we hadn’t know each other long by the time it rolled around, I assumed the recency of this information would help him to remember. But on the day, he sent me a number of txt messages asking how my day was, but in a generic way, not that it was my birthday. Ok, fine. Whatever.

The following year he had already moved away, but we were pretty much in daily contact. Again, he sent me messages that day, no acknowledgment of my birthday. Ok, not so fine. Quite annoyed.

This year, we discussed when we caught up in February what date my birthday was. I felt quite confident he would remember this year. He was the first message to pop up on my phone the morning of my birthday, but again the content was completely unrelated to any birthday wishes. Ok, not fine at all. Pissed off.

I felt that it was not unreasonable to expect that a man I’ve had some form of ongoing relationship with for 2 years which included 3 birthdays, would actually remember my birthday. So I told him as such and he got pissed off at me. In my opinion there is no valid response to someone calling you out on forgetting their birthday besides sorry. Sure I would have been disappointed about it, but I would have got over it with an apology.

But it was not forthcoming and I although it took three occurrences of this, I have a low tolerance for bullshit behaviour and that was it for me. We haven’t spoken since.

What we had going on was obviously not stopping me (or him, I presume…) from dating other people and I always assumed our relationship would end on good terms when one of us found a new committed relationship. I enjoyed his company, albeit at a distance, so I felt a little sad about it ending, but it had to happen some time I guess!

My life is back

Two weeks ago I did the final exams of my MBA, so I have now finished uni forever! No more study, no more group work, no more weekend classes and staying up to 2am finishing assignments.

And it feels good!!!!

I went on holiday – alone

I finished my exams on a Tuesday afternoon and by Wednesday afternoon I was on a plane to Hawaii. I knew I’d need some R&R after all that study and was giving myself a carrot to get me through the final (and toughest) term of uni. I had never holidayed alone before this, but because I decided to go at short notice and I knew I wanted some time out to de-stress from uni, and because I have lived alone for 6 years I thought it would be just like that, but more even more awesome.

And it was!!!!

I had the most amazing time. I stayed at resorts, I hired convertibles to cruise around in, I ate ridiculously bad but good American food and took myself on some crazy adventures like snorkelling with manta rays at night, took a ‘doors off’ helicopter ride around the volcanoes, did a shark cage dive and I shot some guns in Waikiki. I had so much fun and never did I feel weird about holidaying alone.

American Gentlemen

But of course, I wasn’t completely alone. It turns out that the only thing you need to attract an American man is your sexy Aussie accent! They loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it! Oh and Tinder. Tinder also helps ;p

But I was pleasantly surprised by the American men that I encountered. They were perfect gentlemen and really lovely guys. They certainly added to the holiday experience.

Holiday Epiphany

Being on holiday I wasn’t as focused as I usually am on my list, which led to the realisation that I can really enjoy the company of a wide variety of men. When I was studying I had a very finite amount of spare time, so I didn’t want to waste any on unsuitable men. Now, don’t get excited. I am not relaxing my criteria for my future husband as I know that list needs to be in place for me to be satisfied in a long term relationship BUT I now have a lot of newfound time on my hands that has been spent studying for the past 2 years and I intend to make the most of that time, meet new people, go do fun things. I love male company, it’s such a different dynamic to hanging out with my girlfriends, so I’ve loosened the reigns. I’m back on Tinder and I’m talking to quite a few guys, some left field choices for me and I’ll see what happens. I of course will keep you posted…..

The Right of Rebuttal

Just before I went away whilst I was finishing my exams, one of the guys that I dated through the Executive Match Maker found my blog and was quite displeased about his review. Fair call, I understand. I was happy for him to say his piece and respond with his opinion on the blog. It seemed only fair.

Being busy with my exams, I didn’t reply for a few days and whilst I was away he posted another comment on the blog pretending to be someone else I had dated who also thought I was a disgusting human being. Of course, WordPress is pretty clever with these things and it was obvious it was the same person as the IP addresses were the same, so I called him out on it. This aggravated him more and he spurted a heap of abuse at me about me having an ‘Oprah Winfrey’ ass. Ok, you are entitled to your opinion. As am I.

He commented with his real name which I always intentionally omit from all my posts about my dates as I am not a raging bitch. I believe my readers can see the spirit of how I write this blog is to share the trials and tribulations of dating in a light hearted and hopefully entertaining way, without slandering those involved.

This individual was clearly hurt by his post and continued to post derogatory comments on the blog. I have removed them and I unpublished the post about him and our date to stop the back and forth interrupting my holiday.

Yes, that post contained MY reflection and opinion on the date. But the facts are that his profile that was given to me by the Executive Matchmaker agency Blue Label Life stated his occupation as ‘Company Director’ and on our date he told me he was actually a petrol tank driver. The agency admitted this was not in alignment with what they promote, which is an agency for ‘professional and successful singles’ and they agreed to wipe that date from the number that I was entitled to as part of my package. Fact.

This is a large factor as to why I was so unhappy with the agency as they were aware of this as other women had expressed that they were unhappy about this too, yet they continued to present him as a Company Director. Fact.

Regardless of anything else I previously written which was my opinion of the date, as I do with all of my dates, this is the reason it didn’t go well between us. Deception does not have a place in establishing relationships with people. Ever. Fact.

I’ll leave you with a pic from my last night in Hawaii. Aloha!