Advice From an Ex

A few weeks ago before deleting Tinder, an ex from about 13 yrs ago (sheesh!) came up on my screen as I was rapid fire swiping left, left, left. Mr P and I had reconnected via Facebook a few years ago and have occasionally chatted since. I sent him a msg telling him that I had seen his profile and asked how he was going with Tinder, but he hadn’t long been on it so hadn’t formed much of an opinion yet.

I always have an opinion (of course) and told him (in the nicest possible way) that I thought his profile could do with some work. Funnily enough he didn’t even know that he had a profile on there. As a typical male (you know it’s true Mr P) he loaded up the Tinder app, connected his Facebook account and got straight to checking out the pics of the chicks!

I recommended that he change his own pics as Tinder had just taken a series of his profile pics which included one of him looking all coupley with his ex and that rings alarm bells to me on a guy’s profile. I always assume that the guy is in a relationship and just playing. I also suggested he get a selfie stick to facilitate a killer profile pic photo shoot! Then I said he needed a blurb on his profile and suggested that he mention his height as he is 6’5″ and chicks love that shit ;p

He of course had some feedback for me too. But I have been getting good results from my latest profile, often I was complimented on the content, seeeeeeeee:


Nailed it! Ok, almost. Note to self, people really don’t understand how cool selfie sticks are….

Anyhoo, Mr P’s advice to me was ‘don’t put negatives in…keep it happy & upbeat or the dumb bubbly blonde down the road may get your man instead’. I have been told this before, but I did feel that including negatives with a dose of humour and dash of sarcasm actually negated that point.

But I may consider this advice more carefully when uni is done and I’ve got time to jump on the dating bandwagon again. Mr P also shared with me a Ted Talk vid that he thought I would find insightful for my husband hunt. It’s about this woman in the USA who is a data nerd and was frustrated by finding unicorn’s on online dating sites, only to have them reject her. She even went on a hideous date that the man ordered a ridiculous amount of food and wine over dinner, then went to the bathroom and never returned leaving her with a massive bill (I guess my disaster dates could actually be worse). So she applied her analytics skills to working out what the men that she really wanted were looking for, what features in a profile attracted them (positive language was one of those factors) and once she cracked that, working out a points system that she used to evaluate if a man was worth a date, a relationship, marriage etc.

The vid is 18 mins long, but worth a look….if you’re into that kind of thing ;p


  1. Anon · February 17, 2015

    so what happened with you and mr p? some old flames may be re-lit perhaps?


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · February 19, 2015

      Well we were together for a couple of years but we were after different things from life at the time. We are just friends now and he has children now too.


  2. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella · February 18, 2015

    Yeah I am also keen to hear if anything blossomed with MR P?

    And sarcasm is always a good thing.

    Would love if you checked out my blog too 🙂


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · February 19, 2015

      No, there will be no blossoming there! Just friends now. I have been reading your blog. Love it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella · February 19, 2015

        I am really enjoying your blog. I hope you’ll keep following mine 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Anonymous · February 19, 2015

    If you are both single why not have an “arrangement”?!


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · February 19, 2015

      Thanks for your suggestion, but I think I’ve mentioned before that it’s really not that hard to find men to have an ‘arrangement’ with if that was what I was after!


      • Anonymous · February 25, 2015

        Well your needs need to be attended to somehow!


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