The List – the Top 16


On the last day of work last year I was driving home with Ms A and we were discussing my dates over the previous few months, the different qualities that each of them had and why they weren’t my future husband.

Ms A attempted to check the guys off against the Top 5 list of criteria that I was asked to specify when I signed up to the Executive Matchmaker, but it had been a while since then and it was stretching my memory to remember what was in the Top 5. I started rattling off things and realised by the 8th item that I could keep going for quite a while.

The original Top 5 was:

1. Intelligent

2. Funny

3. Tall

4. Nice teeth

5. No kids

Which are certainly right up there in priority of what I’m looking for, but seeing the whole Executive Matchmaker thing was rubbish and they clearly didn’t know shit, I’ve revisited the list without the constraint of a 5 item cap and I’ve determined that I need a Top 16.

1. Tall – 6ft plus

2. Funny

3. Intelligent

4. Successful

5. Ambitious / motivated in life

6. Has shit together

7. Would fit in with family AND friends (it’s often been one or the other…or neither)

8. No kids

9. Wants kids at some point

10. 33-42ish (although I previously thought up to 45, that IVF Single Women Sperm Donor session that I went to revealed that a man’s sperm quality erodes significantly from 43, with a higher chance of birth defects etc, so unless he’s got some frozen somewhere to add to my likely frozen eggs by that stage in a few years time…which is totes awks to ask on a first date…it’s probably not going to work)

11. A ‘manly’ man

12. Nice teeth

13. A bit of a foodie

14. Definitely not a vegetarian – pizza with 5 different types of meat on it drives me wild

15. Not a non-drinker – wine is one of my favourite pastimes

16. Non-smoker

I also would like to put ’17. In to cars’ on the list but really, I could probably concede on that fact. If I had to…

At least that gives me the criteria to know for sure when I’ve found my Unicorn – the one that meets the whole Top 17!


  1. Marquess Thompson · April 12, 2015

    Obviously, you’re desperately searching the right one for you. Be patient and enjoy your life while being single. By the way, thanks for following my blog and featuring it to your list. I appreciate it so much.


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · April 13, 2015

      I wouldn’t say ‘desperately’, but yes I would love to find my unicorn sometime soon! It is about time he showed up!


      • Marquess Thompson · April 13, 2015

        I hope you won’t fail next time. Good luck to you.


      • lpfray · April 20, 2015

        Haha. Unicorn. Yes. We are all looking for that. And thanks so much for following my blog!


  2. subfeczo · July 28, 2016

    As a man (despite other comments around here) I do not think your list is too unrealistic. The height thing is a bit of a limiting factor 182+ is not that common, and being on top of your list, your target age group has an average height of 177 (ref. Point five and four goes hand in hand. Good luck with seven, that is never an easy thing, I personally gave up on this unless there is some really intense conflict. The rest of the dozen or so criteria is not an unreasonable bar to have.


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · July 28, 2016

      Thanks for all your feedback on the site. The abs link is disturbing. I’m doomed!!! Good luck with your dating 😊


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