An Instagram Love Story

Story of love

Last week over a coffee I was debriefing Ms A with all the details on Mr M before our third date. I was telling her all the things that I liked about him, like that he was funny, sweet and gentleman like. But of course as there always is, there were also a few things I wasn’t so enamoured with, such as his lack of interest in cars.

Ok, stop rolling your eyes. I can see you doing it! I know that you’re thinking I’m being too picky and that not liking cars isn’t a fundamental character flaw, but it does rule out a lot of my conversation topics! Ms A dismissed my concerns as ridiculous, so I turned to Ms S instead for an answer that I may be more agreeable to.

Ms S shares my passion for cars and we talk wheels more often than most chicks would ever in their lives I’d say. Ms S at least has some authority on the matter having held the prestigious title of owning the fastest Corolla in Australia in her heyday. I was lamenting that I so often feel more blokey than the guy I’m dating because he’d rather ride a push bike than race a car, when she suggested that I should join a BMW car club to meet guys who are obviously into cars and have nice ones too!

Ok, I’m listening Ms S….tell me more. But I’ve been there, done BMW. I told her I’m more aspirational than that and that I was going to join the Maserati club. She shot that idea down by telling me that you’re meant to join the car club of the car you have of course. Bummer….

So that idea was all too hard, but it did get me thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hang out where the men that I’m most likely to be attracted to hang out. I’ve recently become an Instagram freak (very, very late adopter I know….) and I was suddenly reminded of an awesome story.

A couple I know, Ms K & Mr C met on Instagram based on a shared love of the 50’s. They had started following each other on Instagram and one night whilst out shopping at her local shopping centre, the online world turned offline for Ms K when she saw Mr C in person and instantly recognised him. This kept happening until one day Mr C saw her too, they smiled at each other and said hello, but Ms K is incredibly sweet and she got all shy and ran for her car!

She knew from Instagram that Mr C was in a relationship, but as time went on Instagram also revealed that the relationship had ended. They soon became Facebook friends and eventually Mr C asked Ms K on a date, then another, and another etc.

Great story huh?!

So I decided to give this avenue a go over the past week in an attempt to meet my unicorn man. I started following all the car brands that I like and posted a few pics of my car, tagging them up with hashtags that might attract the attention that I desire!

I also started clicking on photos of hot cars that were coming up in my feed to check out the profile of who was posting them and determine if they were as hot as their car. Generally they weren’t, not even close. Or they had a pic of their skanky girlfriend on the bonnet. Or worse, the car had a child seat…

So far my strategy has been quite unsuccessful. Mostly I’m getting 16-22 year old boys liking my pics and following me. Not really my target demographic, but hey, its nice to be popular I guess ;p


  1. Finding My Inner Zen · February 3, 2015

    Hmmm. I feel like these qualities, “funny, sweet and gentleman like” would beat a common interest any time!

    Liked by 1 person

    • seriouslysingleinsyd · February 3, 2015

      Why do I have to choose between those qualities and a common interest? I want it ALL ;p


  2. Hopelessly Romantic Cinderella · February 3, 2015

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