Date #2 – Not Funny


Firstly, Happy Australia Day everyone! It was a shitty day weather wise, but you can’t complain when you get a day off work can you – to would be un-Australian to do so in my opinion!

Anyhoo, last night was Date #2 with the one that I was glad didn’t get eaten by a shark. When we first started talking on Tinder we had discussed seeing live comedy as it was something both of us enjoy, then we discussed various comedians on our first date too. So for Date #2 I decided to take a look for any comedy gigs playing somewhere in Sydney that night. It was slim pickings being a Sunday night before a public holiday, but I found a session on at the World Bar in Kings Cross.

The night was free which did ring alarm bells, but I thought WTF, if it’s bad we’ll just leave and there are a thousand good places to eat and drink near there anyway. When we met at the bar at 6:30pm when the gig was supposed to start, there were very few people at the bar. The stage was set up for comedy, but the mic and stool are standing lonely on the stage.

We get some drinks and head outside to wait for the show to kick off. This place serves cocktails in teapots and we ordered two flavours to try first up. Whilst outside drinking those teapots the gig starts inside. We can hear the comedian from where we are outside, but we can’t hear any laughter. Not a good sign….

When the teapots are gone we head inside and try to find an inconspicuous place to sit. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea as the only seats that are free are immediately in front of the stage, or some slightly to the left which is away from most of the crowd. We pick those thinking that they will be the safest. We’d already had the discussion that if a comedian said anything to us, under no circumstances should either of us admit that we were on a second date. We can only imagine the field day a comedian could have with that, especially a Tinder date!

Each comedian was doing about a 7 min set, but it often felt like much, much longer. A lot like speed dating really. The 4th comedian was dying a slow death about 5 mins into his set and decided to take the easy option and pick on the crowd. He asked two women sitting on the lounge in front of him if they were lesbians as one had a short haircut and was wearing trainers in a bar (of course). He also asked two guys if they were high, then he moved to me and Mr M and asked if we were on a date. We both looked at each other a bit ‘deer in the headlights’ like and it seemed like it was only a second or two before the comedian jumped in saying ‘oh don’t want to say?’ and moved along. He couldn’t even seal the deal with an easy gag on that!

After about 6 comedians had died on stage, half time is called and they promise that their second half is ‘even better’ than the first half. Hmmm…..

We decide to stay though as we are liking the teapots and have tried 6 flavours already, yet the comedy was still not funny!

After the break, it actually seemed to get worse. The headline act was a female comedian from Melbourne who moved to jokes about periods and making her boyfriend buy tampons very quickly when it was obvious she was tanking. At that point I tell Mr M that I’m going to the bathroom and when I get back we should leave. He jokingly says to me ‘you better not leave me here alone with these unfunny people’ and it’s unfortunately one of the funniest things of the night to date.

We leave and he wants to go to this place called Mr Crackles for dinner. I’m a little bit hesitant as it doesn’t sound particularly dateworthy and it’s 15 mins walk away and I’m wearing heels, but he says that the rolls are the most amazing pork rolls he has ever tasted so I agree to go. We get there and it’s really just a takeaway joint, but he is right. The sweet pork rolls he ordered us were amazing and so were the onion rings. I have a thing with onion rings that if I see them on the menu, I just have to have them. I have to!

We leave Mr Crackles and because we are now in pork comas, we look for a quiet bar with some comfy couches that we can sit and chat and we find a perfect candidate just down the road. We look at the cocktail menu at this place and at the bottom of the first page there is a lychee cocktail which he immediately picks. Lychee is another one of my ‘if it’s on the menu, I must have it, I must’ foods. I’ve picked restaurants to dine at before based solely on their menu having a lychee cocktail. So I order two and we find that nice lounge to relax on.

We stay there for a while chilling, chatting, flirting and there is a bit of pashing. Eventually it’s getting late and we are both tired so we call it a night.

It was a great date despite the comedy being really terrible and it seems we’ve both enjoyed it and are keen to catch up again. Tonight we spoke and lined up date #3 for next weekend as I have no free time during the week these days with uni.

So far, so good 😉

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  1. Belle of the Library · January 27, 2015

    I think how another person reacts to a situation like that says a lot about them. Do they get upset or annoyed or complain a lot? Ya’ll got to find out early on!


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