You Had Me at Beard

Beard Cropped

I am now into the final term of my MBA which means by the end of March I will NEVER have uni again. There are just a mere 9 weeks between now and me having a social life again. I am beyond excited.

I have set myself a personal challenge to finish my masters with a high distinction, which will mean a buttload of reading over those 9 weeks. So there might not be that many posts from me over the next few months as I will have very little time to date!

But I think I have failed in my other goal of my MBA. When I first started uni I had high hopes that I would meet my future husband there as I would be surrounded by really intelligent, ambitious and gorgeous men. Ok, the last part was unrealistic, but the first two seemed reasonable. I did meet some men that ticked those 3 boxes along the way, but unfortunately they were all already spoken for.

So I have just 9 weeks left now to meet this intelligent, ambitious and gorgeous man to make my $65K degree worthwhile….

And last night I did meet an interesting candidate! The lecturer broke the class up into groups to discuss a case study and when I found my group there was a tall, gorgeous, hairy man in it! Nice move lecturer, very nice….

We got chatting and I soon decided he was also smart. Tick, tick, tick, tick! He was all man and was rocking the bearded look hard. Now, I know many women despise beards and that many men have them just because they can’t be assed shaving, but I really dig them. I’ve always been attracted to a ‘manly’ man, an alpha man, even a ‘blokey’ guy and this one was exactly that, complete with a really deep voice. Be still my beating heart….

So, I really had to focus on gathering up my shit so that I didn’t dribble rubbish whilst discussing the case. Once I did, eye contact was intense between us whenever each of us spoke! Afterwards when we returned to our desks to continue the lecture, I couldn’t help but keep glancing back over at him from across the room.

I knew his name was Thomas, but I couldn’t quite get his surname from our name plates that the lecturer makes us display on our desks during class. I’ve tried stalking him today, but had little success….

But there is always class next week! Stay tuned kids x


  1. The Blonette · January 23, 2015

    What’s little stalking among friends? 😉

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  2. overweightanddating · January 24, 2015

    Good luck on completing your MBA. I was in your shoes this exact same time last year. I had the exact same hopes of meeting a great guy. .. Unfortunately mine didn’t come true but hopefully yours will work out great! 9 weeks is plenty of time. This guy sounds dreamy don’t let him get away!

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    • seriouslysingleinsyd · January 26, 2015

      Thanks! I’m a pretty determined person. Unless he is married (but there was no wedding ring) or gay (seemed unlikely…), I’m going to ask this dude out by the end of term!

      Liked by 1 person

      • overweightanddating · January 26, 2015

        Let us all know how it goes! !!


  3. Camtu Luong · January 26, 2015

    Beard is the way to go! Good luck on all fronts — looking forward to reading this developing story! 🙂


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