Bearded Rockstar

I had class again tonight with the one that had me at beard.

His group was presenting to the class this week so I legitimately got to check him out for a good 20 mins. He actually looks a lot like the pic in my last post, but a bit salt and pepper coloured in the beard.

He is tall and smart and hot! And his preso tonight was bang on. His voice is so manly and deep. He is a freakin’ rockstar!

But I didn’t get a chance to talk to him tonight. Maybe next week!?!? Only 7 weeks of classes left!

Reason #72 Why I Need a Husband – Pumpkin

Yes, pumpkin!

Tonight I seriously spent 25 mins hacking apart a whole butternut pumpkin just to make my ‘Moroccan Spiced Couscous Salad’ for lunch this week. My seriouslysingle girly hands just could not get through this mother of a pumpkin!

Come on chicks, make me feel better. This has happened to you before too right? Right???

If I had a cat (or 18), after having witnessed my weak, sad & pathetic efforts they would have been embarrassed that I was their crazy cat lady!

Yet another reason why I need a husband. I’m now adding ‘wood chopper’ to my list of criteria desired in a man…

Date #2 – Not Funny


Firstly, Happy Australia Day everyone! It was a shitty day weather wise, but you can’t complain when you get a day off work can you – to would be un-Australian to do so in my opinion!

Anyhoo, last night was Date #2 with the one that I was glad didn’t get eaten by a shark. When we first started talking on Tinder we had discussed seeing live comedy as it was something both of us enjoy, then we discussed various comedians on our first date too. So for Date #2 I decided to take a look for any comedy gigs playing somewhere in Sydney that night. It was slim pickings being a Sunday night before a public holiday, but I found a session on at the World Bar in Kings Cross.

The night was free which did ring alarm bells, but I thought WTF, if it’s bad we’ll just leave and there are a thousand good places to eat and drink near there anyway. When we met at the bar at 6:30pm when the gig was supposed to start, there were very few people at the bar. The stage was set up for comedy, but the mic and stool are standing lonely on the stage.

We get some drinks and head outside to wait for the show to kick off. This place serves cocktails in teapots and we ordered two flavours to try first up. Whilst outside drinking those teapots the gig starts inside. We can hear the comedian from where we are outside, but we can’t hear any laughter. Not a good sign….

When the teapots are gone we head inside and try to find an inconspicuous place to sit. Unfortunately everyone else had the same idea as the only seats that are free are immediately in front of the stage, or some slightly to the left which is away from most of the crowd. We pick those thinking that they will be the safest. We’d already had the discussion that if a comedian said anything to us, under no circumstances should either of us admit that we were on a second date. We can only imagine the field day a comedian could have with that, especially a Tinder date!

Each comedian was doing about a 7 min set, but it often felt like much, much longer. A lot like speed dating really. The 4th comedian was dying a slow death about 5 mins into his set and decided to take the easy option and pick on the crowd. He asked two women sitting on the lounge in front of him if they were lesbians as one had a short haircut and was wearing trainers in a bar (of course). He also asked two guys if they were high, then he moved to me and Mr M and asked if we were on a date. We both looked at each other a bit ‘deer in the headlights’ like and it seemed like it was only a second or two before the comedian jumped in saying ‘oh don’t want to say?’ and moved along. He couldn’t even seal the deal with an easy gag on that!

After about 6 comedians had died on stage, half time is called and they promise that their second half is ‘even better’ than the first half. Hmmm…..

We decide to stay though as we are liking the teapots and have tried 6 flavours already, yet the comedy was still not funny!

After the break, it actually seemed to get worse. The headline act was a female comedian from Melbourne who moved to jokes about periods and making her boyfriend buy tampons very quickly when it was obvious she was tanking. At that point I tell Mr M that I’m going to the bathroom and when I get back we should leave. He jokingly says to me ‘you better not leave me here alone with these unfunny people’ and it’s unfortunately one of the funniest things of the night to date.

We leave and he wants to go to this place called Mr Crackles for dinner. I’m a little bit hesitant as it doesn’t sound particularly dateworthy and it’s 15 mins walk away and I’m wearing heels, but he says that the rolls are the most amazing pork rolls he has ever tasted so I agree to go. We get there and it’s really just a takeaway joint, but he is right. The sweet pork rolls he ordered us were amazing and so were the onion rings. I have a thing with onion rings that if I see them on the menu, I just have to have them. I have to!

We leave Mr Crackles and because we are now in pork comas, we look for a quiet bar with some comfy couches that we can sit and chat and we find a perfect candidate just down the road. We look at the cocktail menu at this place and at the bottom of the first page there is a lychee cocktail which he immediately picks. Lychee is another one of my ‘if it’s on the menu, I must have it, I must’ foods. I’ve picked restaurants to dine at before based solely on their menu having a lychee cocktail. So I order two and we find that nice lounge to relax on.

We stay there for a while chilling, chatting, flirting and there is a bit of pashing. Eventually it’s getting late and we are both tired so we call it a night.

It was a great date despite the comedy being really terrible and it seems we’ve both enjoyed it and are keen to catch up again. Tonight we spoke and lined up date #3 for next weekend as I have no free time during the week these days with uni.

So far, so good 😉

You Had Me at Beard

Beard Cropped

I am now into the final term of my MBA which means by the end of March I will NEVER have uni again. There are just a mere 9 weeks between now and me having a social life again. I am beyond excited.

I have set myself a personal challenge to finish my masters with a high distinction, which will mean a buttload of reading over those 9 weeks. So there might not be that many posts from me over the next few months as I will have very little time to date!

But I think I have failed in my other goal of my MBA. When I first started uni I had high hopes that I would meet my future husband there as I would be surrounded by really intelligent, ambitious and gorgeous men. Ok, the last part was unrealistic, but the first two seemed reasonable. I did meet some men that ticked those 3 boxes along the way, but unfortunately they were all already spoken for.

So I have just 9 weeks left now to meet this intelligent, ambitious and gorgeous man to make my $65K degree worthwhile….

And last night I did meet an interesting candidate! The lecturer broke the class up into groups to discuss a case study and when I found my group there was a tall, gorgeous, hairy man in it! Nice move lecturer, very nice….

We got chatting and I soon decided he was also smart. Tick, tick, tick, tick! He was all man and was rocking the bearded look hard. Now, I know many women despise beards and that many men have them just because they can’t be assed shaving, but I really dig them. I’ve always been attracted to a ‘manly’ man, an alpha man, even a ‘blokey’ guy and this one was exactly that, complete with a really deep voice. Be still my beating heart….

So, I really had to focus on gathering up my shit so that I didn’t dribble rubbish whilst discussing the case. Once I did, eye contact was intense between us whenever each of us spoke! Afterwards when we returned to our desks to continue the lecture, I couldn’t help but keep glancing back over at him from across the room.

I knew his name was Thomas, but I couldn’t quite get his surname from our name plates that the lecturer makes us display on our desks during class. I’ve tried stalking him today, but had little success….

But there is always class next week! Stay tuned kids x

The One I’m Glad Didn’t Get Eaten by a Shark

I had plans tonight to meet up with a new guy from Tinder, Mr M. We’d been chatting online for about a week or so, exchanged phone numbers Thursday night after he asked me if I’d like to catch up, then we’d made loose plans to catch up Sunday evening over txt.

I had intended to speak to him over the phone before committing to a date as I like to do the voice test to check if they are a psycho before meeting, but I didn’t get around to it.

We hadn’t locked in a time to meet, but he told me that he was going diving today at Manly until about 3pm. For my non-Australian readers, there has been a recent spate of shark sightings and shark attacks of late, including a horrific attack on a dolphin just a few days ago. Yes, don’t go in the water kids!!! Anyhoo, today I saw a news story about a shark sighting at Manly beach and by about 4:30pm when I hadn’t heard from him, I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps he had been eaten by a shark on his dive. It would at least be a fair and reasonable reason for pulling out of our date….

But soon after that thought crossed my mind he sent me a txt asking what time I wanted to meet up tonight. I was feeling a little unenthused about heading out having not long woken up from an impromptu siesta in the sun on the lounge, and I realised that I had only seen one pic of this guy on his profile AND it was a black and white photo. That combined with having not put him through the phone screen yet, I was concerned this was going to be yet another disaster date. Honestly, you are not a rookie here SeriouslySingleInSyd! Get it together!!

I gave him a call to assess if I should pull the pin or not and he turned out to sound quite nice on the phone. We arranged to meet at 7pm at the Sydney Festival Village in the city. Mr M is from QLD and has only lived in Syd for 2 yrs, so I managed to sell it in as an experience he needs to have to be a true local, but really I was just desperate to go try the Messina gelato that look like savoury foods, but are actually sweet delights!

I got ready and headed into the city feeling more excitement for the gelato than meeting Mr. M. This was likely more a reflection for my deep love of gelato more so than my feelings toward Mr M though to be fair. Now I’ve mentioned before how much I despise lateness as I think it displays a selfish disregard for the other person’s time….but I miscalculated how long it would take me to walk to the festival from where I parked my car, so I was going to be a few minutes late…..which I let him know….but then it turned into 12 mins late as I kept getting caught at traffic lights. I kept Mr M updated on my progress and he taunted me with updates that Messina was about to run out of the Royale with Cheese Burger. Arrrggghhhhh running now……

When I arrived it was crazy busy and I was worried that I wouldn’t recognise him due to having seen just that one black and white pic of him and knowing that he was only average-ish height (6 foot). Walking into the festival I saw a rather awkward and unattractive guy standing near Messina and I thought to myself f*ck please don’t be him… So I called Mr M to make finding him easier and he found me immediately. I’m not too sure I would have picked him in a line up, but he was quite nice looking. Phew!

I kiss him on the cheek hello and we take a wander around the festival checking out the bar and food options before choosing a wine bar. We get some drinks and return to Messina as I want to check this ice cream burger out. I had already told him of my paranoia about them running out as I’ve heard that can happen quite early in the evening, so without seeing a sample we join the queue and I’m more excited about this burger than I ever was for Santa. I also tell him that I will cry like a little girl and perhaps even throw a tantrum if they are out of stock by the time we reach the counter. We get there and the two quirky dishes I wanted to try are still available and I am about to lose my shit in anticipation! And it was well worth the build up….


Pic: Messina Royale with Cheese Gelato Burger and Not Chicken and Waffles Gelato at Sydney Festival 2015.

We find a table and share both dishes (after he patiently lets me take numerous pics for Instagram) which could have been a little weird seeing we’ve just met 30 mins ago, but meh, it’s ice cream and we are washing it down with booze and booze kills all germs, so it’s all good!

The night progresses with a few more drinks, some amazing chilli fries (yes dinner after dessert) and lots of great conversation. It’s a great date and when we part he is upfront in saying that he has had a great night and that he would like to see me again. I agree and give him a brief peck on the lips and head off on my way. He has sent me a txt by the time I reach the car thanking me for a fun night and saying that he is looking forward to seeing me again.

So the week opened with a date with a douche, but ended with fancy pants ice cream and a gentleman. Gotta be happy with that!

The One With the Dreamy Blue Eyes

Guy with cute face

I had a date tonight with a guy with gorgeous blue eyes. Perhaps not Alaskan Malamute Husky level blue, but damn they were nice.

I met him on Tinder late last week. We’d chatted quite a bit on the app and he met my standard list of criteria – yes I am very upfront about this now and it seems to be working a treat (more about that later). He was 33 (like me), 6’5″ (deliciously tall), smart, successful (apparently), funny, cheeky. It was all stacking up to be a good date.

We met after work at a bar and he had warned me that he was rocking a holiday beard as he hadn’t needed to shave for a few weeks so he’d look a little different to his pics. I was expecting a bushranger beard due to the warning, but it was a nicely trimmed manly beard that I really dig. He actually looked better than his pics. Seriously, when does that ever happen. When?!?

We get some drinks and chat flows instantly and becomes progressively sparky and flirty as the drinks disappear. He suggests another round and something to eat and goes and orders for us. Whilst he is gone I txt my friend Ms E who is doing my online dating safety check tonight where I send her EVERYTHING i know about my date, where we are meeting, when etc just in case he abducts me, and tell her that he is freakin’ GORGEOUS! You know, just so the police get the identikit sketch of him right if the need arises….

Dinner is full of sexy eye contact, cheeky giggles and really great conversation. WTF. This is going a little too well you say! Wait for it…

There is some hand touching and that and all signs are pointing to him being pretty keen, but he seems rather gentlemanly about it. We leave that bar and head to another down the street with a little kiss or two along the way, but being a Monday night both places were relatively quiet. We have another drink at the next place and he is clearly trying to step things up a bit to encourage more kissing, but I’m driving home later so I’m nowhere near tiddly enough to find it socially acceptable to be pashing in a bar at 8:30pm on a Monday night.

So I tell him so. He then suggests that we go to my car to kiss as it’s parked nearby. Yup. Seriously. He. Said. That. FML.

I try and shut that one down as politely as I can and he is a smart guy so I assume he would get my subtlety when I say ‘no that’s far too high school’.

He responds with saying that we can go back to his place. Aaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddd I’m out…..

He had paid for everything up to that point, so I get up and go to the bar to pay our bill for the last round. The cute European (of some description) barman says to me in an accent that I have NFI what it is ‘why are you so lovely and he is sitting over there and you are here paying?’

My thoughts exactly buddy! I return to the table. He gets up and in hindsight I now see that he likely thinks my haste to get the bill is my urgent uncontrollable desire to get his clothes off, but I walk outside with him following me and stop on the path and say ‘I’m off that way’ (i.e me, not we), kiss him on the cheek and say goodnight. He replies ‘oh ok, have a good night’ and I’m out of there.

Ms E then gets an update to modify the details of the police identikit sketch briefing to be sure to include a giant cock in the centre of ‘Mr Dreamy Blue Eyes’ forehead.

Hey Blue Eyes…

Alaskan MalamuteA new year brings a lot of new blood, or shall I say fresh meat to online dating! It seems all those that had no one to pash on NYE start the year wanting to find someone. It’s nice to see some new talent on the sites and I am currently talking to so many guys on Tinder that I can’t remember who said what.

This situation won’t last of course. I will soon find out some terrible insight into their soul that makes me unmatch most of them before they progress to the next dating round (the phone interview…). You know, something like them being a vegetarian for example.

But today I was chatting to a guy who decided to compliment me on my eyes. I get this all the time, but I’m not too sure if it’s because guys do genuinely like them, or that compliment is just in their dating toolkit of tricks. The other one that I think is a tried and true standard compliment is the ‘you have a really great smile’.

But the compliment today was not generic….

Tinder Husky

Well then, you can’t really argue with that logic. I’ll take it!