No Dates – No Dickheads!

‘Hi, my name is Seriously Single in Sydney and this Saturday night, it will be 4 weeks since my last date.’


It’s raining and pouring in Sydney this week, but the man drought has not broken at all.

I have been rather distracted with uni of late, but there is absolutely no one of interest on any dating sites at the moment. Any guy that I have started talking to has turned out to be a dickhead and I just can’t be bothered. 

I’m feeling a little over dating. I used to see it as just an outing with someone I didn’t yet know and worst case scenario (unless he abducted me or something….*touch wood) would be that I had a drink or two, or a meal with someone I had no interest in and moved along. 

But it’s all the same shit over and over again. Same conversations. Same boring dickheads. Oh, aren’t I in an inspiring mood today!!!

Anyway, I saw this story earlier this week about Samantha Armytage and dating. For my international readers, she is a host on a breakfast tv show who is quite attractive, 36 and single – so she is constantly grilled about when she will finally find a man and have a baby. 

She said this week that she is not going to waste any more time dating dickheads:

“I know it sounds lazy but I’d rather stay at home reading a book than go out on another appalling date. I’ve had my fair share.”

Right on sister!!! How about you, me and Katy Perry all have a baby together instead??


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