No Dates – No Dickheads!

‘Hi, my name is Seriously Single in Sydney and this Saturday night, it will be 4 weeks since my last date.’


It’s raining and pouring in Sydney this week, but the man drought has not broken at all.

I have been rather distracted with uni of late, but there is absolutely no one of interest on any dating sites at the moment. Any guy that I have started talking to has turned out to be a dickhead and I just can’t be bothered. 

I’m feeling a little over dating. I used to see it as just an outing with someone I didn’t yet know and worst case scenario (unless he abducted me or something….*touch wood) would be that I had a drink or two, or a meal with someone I had no interest in and moved along. 

But it’s all the same shit over and over again. Same conversations. Same boring dickheads. Oh, aren’t I in an inspiring mood today!!!

Anyway, I saw this story earlier this week about Samantha Armytage and dating. For my international readers, she is a host on a breakfast tv show who is quite attractive, 36 and single – so she is constantly grilled about when she will finally find a man and have a baby. 

She said this week that she is not going to waste any more time dating dickheads:

“I know it sounds lazy but I’d rather stay at home reading a book than go out on another appalling date. I’ve had my fair share.”

Right on sister!!! How about you, me and Katy Perry all have a baby together instead??


Me and Katy Perry – So Alike!


You thought this was going to be a post about kissing girls didn’t you? Sorry to dissapoint!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a story on Katy Perry’s interview with Rolling Stone where she speaks about not needing a man to have a baby. In her exact words she says:

“I don’t need a dude. It’s 2014! We are living in the future; we don’t need anything. I don’t think I’ll have to, but we’ll see. I’m not anti-men. I love men. But there is an option if someone doesn’t present himself.” 

Right on sister!

It was funny timing as just the week before that, I was on Facebook and had one of those ‘Pages you may like’ come up for an IVF clinic that was offering info sessions for single women or female same sex couples interested in having a baby. I have always said that if Mr Right doesn’t make an appearance in a timely fashion I would ‘buy’ a baby and I had often wondered what would actually be involved in making it happen, so it seemed like a sign!

I told my friend Ms K that I was going to go and she offered to be my pretend girlfriend for the evening – just for the fun of it! On the night, as I was walking to meet her, I walk straight past a ghost of dating past – the one that kept me waiting for ages for our date and then finally arrived all sweaty uggghhh. Honestly, Sydney is getting far too small or I am dating far too much if I keep running into these losers all the time!

Anyhoo, the session was actually really interesting and the doctors made the whole thing sound far more normal than the concept of making a baby by yourself really is!

I left it thinking that it sounded like a good option shall I require it, but I will be keeping it up my sleeve for a number of years yet! I still remain optimistic that the next person I date won’t be a dickhead (as usual). You have to remain positive right!?!?!

PS – I haven’t updated for a while as there has been absolutely NOTHING to tell on the dating scene. I exchanged a few txts with that last guy I had dinner with, but then it just fizzled out. I’ve spoken to a few guys on POF and Tinder of late, but nobody interesting enough to want to meet. It’s a dating dry spell!

I’m about one week away from giving up and just getting a cat ;p

The Date My Dad May Like More Than Me

As in, Dad would like him more than I like him, not my Dad likes HIM more than Dad likes me. Geeze, that would be bad!

Anyhoo, last night I had a dinner date with a guy I had met on Tinder. We had been talking on the app and via txt for about 2 weeks, but had never actually spoken on the phone. Which is very odd for me as that’s usually how I weed out the crazy ones.

I also decided I would take the bull by the horns and plan the date, which is also very unlike me.

But I was already throwing my rule book right out the window on this one as this guy had bad teeth and there are really only two physical characteristics that are non-negotiatiable for me usually – tall and nice teeth. But he kinda had quite dreamy eyes so I decided what the hell!

I was visiting my folks earlier in the day before the date and when they asked what I was doing that evening I told them I had a dinner date. They asked a little about him and I mentioned that he worked in motor racing. My Dad took up motor racing at the age of 60 (as you do!) so Dad was suddenly quite interested in my dating life! Usually he tunes out and makes a ‘not another one’ kind of face when I mention my latest potential future husband! We actually spent quite some time talking about it, with Dad giving me an education on the type of cars that my date works with.

I had booked dinner at a local restaurant as we live 10 minutes apart from each other. I get there bang on time and as I’m walking into the restaurant, I notice a quite conspicuous car driving past the restaurant which I know is his as we had discussed his wheels before. I head inside as it’s freezing and they seat me straight away – at a table just near the bathrooms. Oh great, this has happened on a previous date and it did not go well!

I sit in the noisy and crowded restaurant for about 5 mins waiting for him. Parking was hard to come by, so I’ll cut him some slack I guess, but I can’t stand lateness! It’s the height of rudeness in my book.

He eventually turns up and his photos were certainly a couple of years old as he is definitely a bit ‘fuller’ figured than his pics and his hair is a little more sparse than I expected, but that’s ok as he still has those dreamy eyes….and the bad teeth, but they are not as noticeable as I thought they would be.

He seems quite nervous and is very talkative in a jittery way. We order food and he eventually starts to settle a bit. The dinner was non-stop chat and lots of laughs. He is very funny and likes to tell a story, which I must admit is a little weird as I suspect I usually dominate conversations on dates. Mental note to self – that is really flipping annoying so don’t do that again!

Throughout the night I keep looking at his teeth as he talks. They are an usual crooked as the two front teeth kind of cross over half way down, but there is a triangle gap up at the gum line. It’s like the thigh gap of teeth! I can’t help but wonder how big a piece of food you could get stuck in there, but perhaps it’s because I’ve been paranoid about a forrest in my teeth all night. We had a garlic pizza crust for entree which was full of little tiny pieces of herbs that gravitate to between my two front teeth, then I had a pasta for main which was also covered in herbs that looked like grass clippings. I was on the highway to the danger zone….

After 3 hours the restaurant was clearing out and the staff were starting to clean up. Our waitress seemed to think I wear the pants in this relationship and I ask for the bill when I see she is looking at my expectantly. The bill arrives and she clearly doesn’t really know what to do, so she puts it awkwardly down on my side of the table, but with the text upside down so he can read it. I grab my purse and as I’m digging through my bag (it’s a clutch, I really didn’t need to dig hard) I am waiting to see what he will do. The bill is $86 and he gets a single $50 note out of his wallet. I do the same and the waitress comes to pick it up. There was no ‘Oh I’ll get this’ from him, which I have to say is a little weird. It’s fine. I have no real issue paying and the date has not been a particularly romantic one, but most guys play the game. Perhaps that’s a sign??

We leave the restaurant and he seems awkward with the goodbye like he doesn’t really know what he should do. It’s really cold so I decide to wrap that shit up quick! I kiss him on the cheek and say I’ve had a really fun night and I say my usual ‘talk soon’.

24 hours have passed. I haven’t heard from him. I wasn’t feeling particularly invested in him and I do think if guys are interested they tend to make the effort, so I’ll leave the ball in his court. If he contacts me I’d be happy to go out with him again, but if he doesn’t, I won’t be chasing him.

I am already worried about breaking the news to Dad though…..