The Upgrade Factor


A few weekends ago a very interesting article appeared in the Good Weekend liftout of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper about Australia’s Most Wanted online daters. I’m not sure why they struggled to get in contact with me for the story…

They interviewed people who were ranked as the most desirable profiles on various dating sites. The top female profile on RSVP belongs to a 30 yr old attractive solicitor from Sydney who completely nails what I have long suspected is the problem with online dating – the upgrade factor!She talks about how you go through profiles and analyse them against each other and that ‘everyone thinks there is something better around the corner.’

I completely agree with this comment and I feel that the upgrade factor likely explains the bad dating behaviour of late from the likes of the one with the little sausage and dodgy Damo.

But I will admit that I have done it myself. Oh he seems ok, but he lives in a share house. Oh he seems alright, but he has a cat. Oh he seems perfect, but his front left tooth is not quite exactly perpendicular to his gum line….

There is a man drought in Australia at the moment, particularly in Sydney (it’s statistically proven) which means men can be very picky as they are swimming in a big sea of women in their 30’s on the hunt for love (AKA me!).

Unfortunately for me though, the man sea is full of the type of fish that John West rejects.

Picture Source: Most Wanted, Sydney Morning Herald. Go read the article!


  1. outstandingbachelor · July 29, 2014

    Hope things work out for you.

    It all begins with a smile.


  2. jblondie09 · July 29, 2014

    omg…see here’s where we differ…You’re picky and I pick everything with a pulse…LOL. Trust me…it’s not any better over here…except you have your choice of weirdos and the good ones are all either married or have no CLUE what they want….Happy Hunting darling 😉


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