The Search for Single Fishermen

I’ll admit it. I’ve become a bit obsessive about checking the traffic stats of my blog. In particular I love looking at the search engine data to see how people that read the blog found it.

Today I had a visitor that originated from a Yahoo search based on the terms ‘Single Fishermen’. I feel like my blog would have been a disappointment to that web searcher as I have no advice to give on how to find single fishermen. I’ve never considered looking for them to be honest, but it got me thinking that maybe I have been approaching my hunt for a man all wrong by only searching dating sites.

So I googled ‘single 6’5″ CEO, aged 32-45, looks like Channing Tatum, non smoker, no kids, perfect teeth and drives a hot car’.

Google must have been having an off day as all of the search results that it returned were about unicorns?!?!

ch19-300x300Picture Source: The 1st Class Lifestyle  34 Pics of Channing Tatum for his 34th Birthday (well worth a look, go on click on it, click it now, you know you want to…)

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