Throwing them back

Firstly, today was the biggest day of readers on my Blog yet! Thanks to all that stopped by 🙂

Over the past few days I’ve been searching through Plenty of Fish (POF) with nothing catching my eye. Well, nothing but really bad / funny / psycho photos that I’ve been screenshotting and sending to my girlfriends for a giggle.

I’m getting a lot of messages on the site, but all from fish that I want to throw back into the POF water.

Especially the guy with the username that starts with the word hung and ends in the word inch, with a number in between. He tells me that I’ve landed a ‘BIG FISH’. Oh yeh, baaaabbby!!

Although I appreciate how much effort it must take to copy and paste such a sexy sweet nothing to every profile on POF, I decide to pass.

I move on to a guy I’ve been talking to for 3 days. Everyday he asks how I am, then how my day was, followed by asking what I had for lunch. I was bored by day 2, but today I decided to see just how consistent he can be and he delivered.

I might not sleep tonight in anticipation of what the conversation may involve tomorrow!!!


  1. totallytangledandie · June 27, 2014

    I was talking to a guy like that, but it was the total opposite with me! He would keep telling me his day’s itinerary as it progressed … very strange and boring–even if I feel bad for saying it! lol


  2. Rick Reyes · June 28, 2014

    That is one of the conventional type of guys who got stuck in a routine. Probably how he was raised or how his longest relationship went.
    They are easy to break out of that. You have to throw them a ridiculous question.


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