Outcome of the Potential Catfish

I have been addicted to the Catfish show this weekend having finished Season 1 of the MTV show whilst I was feeling a little unwell. I am absolutely amazed at how stupid people can be online. It’s incredible the things that they will whole heartedly believe from someone that they have never met.

Which reminded me that I never updated you all about the guy I suspected may have been catfishing me as he had such a random disaster story about why he pulled out of our date. Remember, he had a delayed flight due to bad weather, lost his phone, then got the flu. Guess he broke a mirror recently to be that unlucky?

So when he sent me these excuses on the Sunday morning that we were meant to meet, I responded making it clear that I doubted if I should believe his story and that I wanted to see his pic. The next day he sends me an email address through Tinder to contact him on as he wasn’t getting his new phone until Wednesday. His email address gave nothing away about him and I sent him an email via my generic dating email address, hoping that now he had an email for me, he would send the pic through finally. But no. We exchanged a few boring, nothing emails and I left it at that thinking he’d have his phone on Wednesday and will txt me or something.

But I got nothing on Wednesday. On Thursday I sent him a message on Tinder asking if he was back to first world living standards again with his new phone. He then said he wasn’t getting it until Friday now. I was rapidly losing interest in this guy. His conversation was great before we planned that date, but ever since he had been a bore and with no photo and nothing to confirm he was a real person, I decided to leave it there.

After all, if men are interested they make an effort right? And he had details to contact me on Tinder, email or phone. It would be very easy for him. So I though I’d wait for him to contact me….

And he never did. I deleted him off Tinder yesterday as I could see he was online often yesterday, but had not bothered to contact me and his profile still had no photos on it.

I guess he swum on to his next potential victim!

One comment

  1. Ahh, your instincts were right! What is this person hoping to accomplish if he’s never going to end up meeting anyone offline??


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