Feedback noted – then ignored

The Monday after my disastrous first dinner with A Table for Six, the organiser sends me an email asking for feedback on the restaurant and dining experience, plus asks if there is anyone that I wish to exchange contact details with.

Even if I wasn’t asked for feedback about the dinner, I was ready to give it! I think I paid $450 or $500 for a 12 month membership with these guys, then each dinner you go to you pay a $33 or $38 booking fee for the privilege of them organising the dinner and then you pay for what you eat at the restaurant.

I found it really difficult to get into a suitable dinner and feedback from the group suggested that the other women had the same problem, perhaps not so much the men. After such a bad first dinner, I was thinking I might give up on this idea, but I think I should give it another try to at least make the membership more worthwhile!

So I emailed the organiser and told her that I thought the restaurant was a complete dive and that my advice would be to not organise any other dinners there. She responded saying they had had many great dinners there, even she had dined there, but she will take it on board.

Then I told her about the arrogant guys vile behaviour. She told me that she would deal with it.

I said I would like to exchange contact details with one of the other women and the organiser took this as a great success. Sure, it’s great to meet new people and I could even become friends with this woman, but it’s not really the point for me signing up to this is it!

I also expressed that I was really disappointed with this as my first experience with the ‘agency’. She completely ignored this point.

Now I don’t always agree with the ‘customer is always right’ concept as sometimes people are just assholes. But, these dating agency people really take the opinion of ‘customer doesn’t matter’. I guess this is because they would get no repeat business. Once you have signed a contract, they just respond to any of your concerns with token answers similar to a disinterested husband saying ‘yes dear’ whilst watching the footy.

They just wait out the membership period until you are a problem that goes away. Or goes away and blogs about it…

Imagine if there was actually a company that offered a great service that I could write about positively!

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