The Death of Damo

After the impromptu date on the Sunday night, I left Damo alone to sort out his moving issues. He had told me he had a few mates to stay with either in the city or the other side of town, but he definitely wasn’t going to stay with his folks who lived in the same suburb as he was moving from.

The day after he was moving I sent him a txt asking how the move went and where he moved to. He said he ended up staying with a friend locally. He hadn’t mentioned that option before and I was suspicious that he did actually end up moving back to his parents place. I was also suspicious he had some money problems. When he told me he was renting, he mentioned something about someone ripping him off once and that has affected him buying a place. He had a very expensive car though, so if he had been bankrupt or something, I couldn’t work out how he could get finance for that but not a house. He also didn’t seem to have many properties for sale. He would have 1 or 2 listings, but all the other agents at his company had 5 or 6. Maybe he was doing it tough?

We exchanged a few txts over the next few days but didn’t manage to line up the third date over the weekend as we were both pretty busy. We then planned to catch up after work on the Thursday night, so it was already about a week and a half after our last date that we were going to see each other.

I was meant to be planning this date and because we hadn’t messaged for two days, I sent a message on Thursday morning asking if we were still on for tonight and told him where I was thinking. He didn’t reply until 2pm and said he had late meetings come up and asked if we could postpone for another night and he suggested the following Tuesday.

Things were turning bad. Still no weekend dating, he left me hanging until the afternoon to pull the pin on the date and when I responded something along the lines of ‘no worries, Tuesday it is’, he didn’t even reply. It seemed like a positive sign that he had suggested another night rather than just cancelling, but I decided that I wasn’t going to pursue him anymore. If he was interested he would make the effort.

And he didn’t. I didn’t hear from him all weekend and by Tuesday which was our supposed next date, I hadn’t heard from him at all. I left it all day and as the day progressed it seemed obvious that we weren’t going out that night. By late afternoon I had the shits. He had seemed like such a nice genuine guy, how did I get him so wrong? I sent him a message saying ‘so….just checking, have you died?’.

No response. Ever. I still had him on my Tinder chat list and I checked his profile a few times in the days after before I deleted him and he hadn’t been active on there for weeks. So maybe he did die? It seemed the only logical explanation. Surely if he had just lost interest in me, found someone else, or had moved home and was feeling like a pathetic loser, he would have had the balls to just send a txt saying he wasn’t feeing it between us and he wanted to leave it there.

Seriously, why are guys such soft cocks when it comes to that? It really isn’t that hard to send someone a txt and you get out of it easily. Since we live one suburb apart, we are highly likely to bump into each other again at some point. Even more reason to not act like a douche.


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