The last date of Dating Palooza

Sunday afternoon I was meeting up with an English gent at a bar in Surry Hills.

I got ready and it was one of those days where your hair just works out perfectly! I took this as a good sign, until I got outside and realised it was raining. At the bar, I walked in a little flustered after being rained on and looked around to see if he was there. I then see a tall gorgeous looking guy standing by the doorway…..and it is him! Now, this is a very good sign.

We met on Tinder and I usually always ask how tall a guy is before agreeing to meet, but I didn’t get around to it on this occasion. I was relieved to see he was a little taller than me and I was wearing heels. We get to the bar and order some drinks whilst making awkward chit chat.

We sit outside in the cute little beer garden with funky garden furniture. He admits to me that he was quite nervous about meeting up as I am his first online date. I am honoured! He seems to be a little self-conscious of his nervousness and it is absolutley gorgeous. 

We sit and chat and drink for a few hours and it’s really lovely. It is all going well and it seems like we are both interested in each other. Soon he takes my hand from across the table and we continue with the flirty eyes and chat until eventually he leans over and kisses me. 

The night continues with more sitting, chatting, drinking and kisses until it’s definitely time to go as it’s a school night. 

It was a great date and a great end of dating palooza weekend. I can’t wait to see this guy again 🙂

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