Some nights are just a waste of good makeup

Bad food

Tonight was my group singles dinner date. I signed up for A Table For Six back in February, but tonight was the first dinner that I have attended. Partly due to me being busy on nights that they have run suitable events, partly as I haven’t had that many events to choose from anyway, or I don’t get selected for them.

When I first looked into this ‘dating agency’ I was interested because they go to restaurants that I really like, like China Doll. Three guys and three girls are grouped together to meet at a restaurant and have dinner. I had low expectations about who I would meet as the info that you know about your fellow diners before you go is just their age range usually. I had been looking at the 30-40 year old groups, but particularly the ones that are for people with no children. That is pretty much the only other discriminating factor available.

But I thought that there would be a certain quality of man that would go to these as there is an annual membership fee, plus a small booking fee when you go to an event and then you have to pay for your own dinner and many of the restaurants are quite nice and expensive. I also thought, even if the dates are not to my liking, I would enjoy dining at a nice restaurant anyway.

Tonight was not a good first experience. Firstly, with the Vivid festival on in Sydney it was quite an ordeal to get into the city. When I got there I followed a girl in who I overhead asking for the table reservation for our group, so I jumped in and said I was here for the same thing. We were dead on time for the 7:30pm reservation, but were asked to wait by the side for a few minutes. When we were shown to our table, we were the first there. Shortly after another lady joined and we all got chatting.

20 mins later, just as we were thinking we had been stood up, we were joined by a guy. I was immediately disappointed as even though I was sitting down, I could tell he was jockey sized. He sat down and we all started talking. By 8pm we had assumed that the other two guys were not going to be attending and we moved our seats around so we were a table of 4.

About 8:15pm another guy arrives just as we were finally about to order. He is taller, but comes in very brash and loud and I’m not too sure about him. He then tries to dominate the conversation and is swearing and just seems quite rough. I actually suspect there was never another guy joining us as looking at their website, the listing for tonight’s dinner still says that ‘1 guy left to join’. That is annoying in itself that our ‘table for six’ was a ‘table for five’, but surely it wouldn’t be that hard to let us know so we don’t wait around for that person, or expect them.

The short guy is lovely and you can have a decent conversation with him. The other ladies are nice to chat to too. But the other guy is just vile. He is arrogant, rude to our waitress and speaks of his ex’s frequently. At the end of the night he talks to one of the other ladies about how he isn’t over his ex and he wants to get back with her etc. Well, don’t go out to singles dinner clubs huh, huh?!?!

This dinner is awful. The italian restaurant we went to had the most average food, wine and service, plus the toilets were disgusting. So not only has this not been a success story in meeting a man, but it has been an underwhelming foodie experience and that is just not cool. Plus, I got all made up for nothing wasting all that makeup ;p

Perhaps this isn’t for me. I am holding out hope that the last date of the weekend tomorrow night is a winner. We exchanged a few texts today and I’m really excited to meet him!


  1. pete · June 1, 2014

    What is it with women and height? The poor chap can’t help what length his legs are. He is probably really nice, intelligent, perhaps a good earner, maybe even great in bed, but no: he’s short so he must be a loser.

    And before you retort and say this is no different than men’s views about large ladies, well it’s totally different… If someone is overweight they can at least do something about it.

    And yes I’m tense about this as I’m 5ft 10, not exactly a midget, but the number of women who are 5ft 6 and class me as short is absurd.
    Apparently their entire life revolves around finding someone 6ft 2+
    ..yes it’s annoying.


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · June 1, 2014

      Yes, I see your point. It is a shallow world out there in many ways, but attraction is one of those funny things. Some people like blondes. Some redheads. You like what you like.

      For me, I’m really attracted to a masculine man that makes me feel womanly and I just don’t seem to get that from a man that is shorter than me.

      The man I was talking about was probably 5’2″… So he came up to about my nipples. Good in theory yes, but not the basis of a long term relationship.

      I fundamentally agree short woman should not be stealing the 6’2″ men though. Let’s band together and fight the system!!!


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