Dating Palooza Weekend

Love Match

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. It is pouring this weekend.

I have 4 different dates over 3 days, with 6 guys in total. Let me explain.

Date 1 – Chef I met on Tinder – met him tonight at a local pub. We had dinner, lots of chatting and I had a really nice time. I would be keen to go on a second date with him, but can’t say I felt the chemistry tonight.

Date 2 – Lunch Saturday with a real estate guy I met on RSVP

Date 3 – This is my first dinner with a dinner club I signed up with in February where they match 3 guys and 3 girls and send them out to dinner. I have quite low expectations of this as all I know about these men are that they are 30-40 yrs old and they like eating dinner!! They may be short, they may have kids, they may be smokers, they may wear jackets with elbow patches….

But this should be a fun night as it is at an Italian restaurant in the city and I’ve been keen to go check out the Vivid light festival on the harbour, so I feel I can’t go wrong.

Date 4 – Late afternoon drinks on Sunday with a sexy English accent guy from Tinder

If it’s a numbers game, I might have it pegged. They do say you kiss a lot of frogs before….

I will also have to write about my matchmaker dramas this week. Basic premise is that after I complained about how unhappy I am with the service and asked for half my money back as she has only provided half the dates, she told me that I’m too picky with the men I decline and that men are declining my profile a lot. Well, I seem to be getting plenty of dates from men who have seen my online profiles…and most of these guys are free!

Wish me luck!

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