Date 2 of 6 this Weekend

Where are you?

Date 2 was a lunch date with a guy I had been talking to on RSVP for a couple of weeks. We had decided to meet up for Yum Cha at Bondi at 1pm. I had an appointment in the morning and thought I would head home after it for a while, then head to Bondi. But when the appointment ran late, it was easiest to leave from there, which meant I was half an hour early for lunch.

I messaged my date and told him that I had inadvertently arrived rather early and that if he too by chance was early as well, we could catch up earlier. He replied after 10 minutes saying he would be there in 10 mins, so I was expecting him about 10 minutes to 1pm. Sweet.

That comes and goes and no sign of him. Then 1pm comes….and goes. At 1:08pm I’m starting to get annoyed, then I get a message saying ‘Just parking now’. OK….. Then at 1:20pm I get another message saying ‘I’m here’ but I can’t see him anywhere. I reply and say I’m still waiting where I said I was and then a few minutes later he finally arrives.

I can’t stand lateness. It is such a selfish trait that the other person doesn’t care enough to get themselves together and be on time and just wastes your time. Sure, I understand things happen. But at least manage other people’s time better. Tell them as soon as you know you will be late, not well after the time you should of been there!

So it’s an awkward meet, then we have to stand in queue for a while to get a table. We sit down and yum cha may have been a poor choice as he is near the aisle where the cart is going past and I am right up against two other loud tables and he has to keep translating to me what is in the cart and we have to make quick decisions, but we don’t know what the other likes.

We get quite a few dishes though and conversation is flowing ok, but it’s not very sparky or flirty. But how flirty can a lunch date be??

We finish up after about an hour and 20 mins and head out. He pays saying he couldn’t possibly let me go halves after making me wait so long. We walk outside to the car park together and i kiss him on the cheek and say ‘chat soon’ and head off on my way.

I can’t say I really felt a connection to him. He was a nice enough guy, but I’m not sure I’d be any more interested in him after a second date. But still, it’s often nice to meet new people and yum cha is fantastic, so all in all other than the lateness it was a good date.

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