WTF is wrong with Tinder guys?!?!

woman's long legs with high heels

I’ve been talking to a guy on Tinder for about a week and a half. Strangely, unlike when talking to most guys, I had to pretty much force my number on him as he wasn’t being forthcoming in asking me to meet. I did that this morning, he said something ridiculous like “i’m honoured to have got your number” and we started txting and trying to line up a time to meet this weekend. There was constant txting throughout the day, he seemed really keen and we ending up deciding to meet at a bar near my place at 7:30pm this evening.

I rushed home from work, got changed, redid my makeup and thought my hair was looking f’ing fabulous! I was putting on my shoes just before 7pm when I get a txt message from him saying “Will you hate me if I raincheck?

I take off my shoes, put on my tracky daks and pull on my ugg boots….and order pizza. Then I send the dickhead a message saying ‘first impressions count and you just blew yours’. He replies going ‘but you haven’t met me yet’. Exactly.

This is on top of another guy I was talking to last Friday night on Tinder practically begging me to have lunch with him on Saturday as he was going overseas for work for a few weeks (or with his wife, who knows). He sounded like an ok guy, so I rearrange a few things so I can fit in lunch with him. This includes getting up extra early in the morning to get a few things done before heading off to some appointments. I had given him my phone number Friday night and we agreed to meet somewhere in Balmain at 1pm,  but didn’t lock in where exactly at that stage.

He messages me on Tinder in the morning exchanging pleasantries. Then I get home about 12pm, go fix up my hair and makeup and check my phone at 12:15pm as I need to leave soon and I need to know where to go! And here is where I find a Tinder message saying ‘sorry I can’t make lunch’ then ‘I’d really love to meet you soon’ at 12:04pm. Less than a hour before lunch! With no fake sob story about his grandma dying or anything!!! On Tinder!! He had my number (i didn’t have his) he could have called, or txt or anything less rude than sending me a stupid Tinder message.

So I reply ‘That’s lovely. Thanks for giving me so much notice’. He replies ‘are you cranky at me?’ – I love a perceptive man!

I ignored him after that but he kept sending me messages all afternoon. He is now blocked.

And this is also after another guy who I thought was fantastic after 2 dates turned into a real dick and just went AWOL. He deserves his own post though….

So in summary, Tinder is shit.


  1. halfavirgin1 · May 15, 2014

    Tinder is so shit! I do keep coming back for more though.


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · May 15, 2014

      Yep, it is fun! My phone is full of screenshots of the best worst profiles ;p


      • halfavirgin1 · May 16, 2014

        I have a love/hate for the mean ones. There was one guy who’s bio was “9’s and 10’s only please”… What is that? There was also one guy who wrote in all capitals and said ARROUND and EASYIER.


  2. panterawrr · May 15, 2014

    I’m under the belief during my time messing about on Tinder that the types that are on it are just looking for an easy root and not particularly interested in pleasantries and really getting to know the person. I had a guy do the same thing to me.. I live out west so it is a stretch to get into the city but as I was already heading in I arranged with a guy to meet for lunch. Gave him a call when I arrived and he said he would be out of his building in a minute. Next thing I know I’ve been waiting for half an hour and after 2 phone calls and a text I left because no bastard is going to make me wait longer than that. 45 mins later he messages saying he needed to take a client call just as he was about to leave but requested I send him some sexy pics instead. No buddy!

    But the most shocking encounter is when I met up with a guy who actually told me he wanted to settle down and have a girlfriend but I really couldn’t connect with him. That and he was wearing crocs to the date and his breath smelled rank!


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · May 15, 2014

      Ok, I shouldn’t feel so bad about the 30 min notice then! Seems he was being considerate by Tinder standards. But than other dude should have disclosed his crocs issue. That’s just downright deceitful!! ;p


      • panterawrr · May 15, 2014

        Oh he straight up apologised for the crocs because his other shoes were wet. Guess the kid only had 2 pairs of shoes?


      • seriouslysingleinsyd · May 16, 2014

        Haha just when you think it can’t get any worse!


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