Perhaps it’s time to become a lesbian?

So it has been quite a while since I updated this blog. My dating life in the past 3 months is almost too depressing to talk about!

What happened with the stockbroker? He went AWOL for 4 weeks saying stockbrokers get busy in February and he had no time to date me. He even had the hide to message me on Valentines Day asking if we could celebrate the event in 3 weeks time as he was too busy now. It was like he was putting me on lay-buy. He even mentioned that he could be romantic, he just needed a bit of notice. Oh great. Not a single person I told about that message, male or female, thought that was acceptable!

In the beginning of his hibernation period I sent a few txts here and there to keep up the momentum, but I soon got bored of that. After 4 weeks I hear from him trying to arrange our next date like we were suddenly ‘unpaused’. I was not feeling too enthused about another date, so I decided to call him as I previously did like chatting to him and thought this would get me back in the mood. It’s sunday afternoon and I call and say hey is now a good time to chat? He flatly says no. WELL WHY THE F DID YOU ANSWER THE F’ING PHONE THEN?!?!? That’s what voicemail is for!!!! Still bitter….

So he says he will call me back that evening…..but he doesn’t. Yes, he lets me down again!!! The next day he sends a txt and by this point I’m over it and tell him I think he either isn’t too interested in me, or he isn’t ready for a relationship. Either way, it is not cool with me. I wish him well on his search and move on… I thought. The next day my matchmaker is on the phone begging me to give him another chance, telling me that he is really keen and that he didn’t know I felt the need for constant contact – like I’m being clingy because I expect a man who is interested in me to send a txt message once in a month!!??!

And in the meantime, I’ve had a third date with the Giant. This redeemed the bad second date where he was late and we barely spoke at the movies. We went to a mexican restaurant near my work and were seated in this little booth where we could sit close and give each other lots of flirty eye contact and leg touching! It was a lovely dinner, followed by some drinks at a pub and then some fabulous goodnight kissing.

4th date followed a few nights later. I invited him to my place for pizza. He turned up and had randomly shaved his head that day, which made him look a little like he had escaped from prison. He seemed uncomfortable at my place, commenting that it was really nice (especially that it smelt nicer than his share house dive….). The date ended ok, we exchanged a few messages in the days after, but all were initiated with me and then I gave up and thought if I don’t hear from him, I won’t ever message him again.

I never heard from him again. I guess he died…..

What is wrong with men?!?!? Are there any decent ones out there?!? Women get me. Women don’t behave like assholes all the time. Maybe I should make the switch?!?

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