Hairy Arm Porsche Dude

Late March I decided it was time to get back on the horse and to get back on RSVP. I find RSVP really frustrating. If your profile is public, you spend most of your time politely responding to kisses from guys who realistically have zero chance with you…and should know it. I’m 5’10”, it feels quite unlikely that I would date a 5’0″ man. I’m 33 and it feels even less likely that I would date a man who is 56…..or 24.

I see a guy on there who has just joined and I like the sound of him. His profile is written like he is rather intelligent, he states that he is ‘looking for love’ and after a woman who is ‘genuinely looking for a relationship’ and I think he is a little bit cute!

I send him a kiss and get a reply straight away saying he is interested. I then send him an email using one of my last two stamps I purchased about 2 years ago in a bulk pack of 24 but struggled to find 24 men suitable to contact in that time. I had vowed that I would never buy more stamps after these ones were gone, but I felt like he was worthy of my second last stamp! We exchange a few emails and then he comes straight out with saying he’d love to meet for a coffee and gives me his number. I’m keen so despite the rush, I say I’ll call him the next day (which is Saturday) and we’ll line something up.

I call the next afternoon and we have a good, but brief chat and arrange to meet for lunch the next day. In the meantime since I contacted him online, he has updated his profile with new pics. There is now a pic of him with an adorable little puppy, but it’s one of those little white fluffy type dogs that straight men can’t really pull off. I wonder if it’s a dog purchased with an ex, but whilst pondering that I am distracted by the hair on his arms. His arms look black. It looks thick. I am worried. I’m thinking about his back….

But then I’m distracted again as another new pic has him sitting in a Porsche! Now many men post pics next to hot cars on dating sites, but rarely in them. A dead giveaway that it is not their car. I’m excited. I love cars and I get annoyed that almost all the men I date have zero interest in cars.

Things were looking good! I head to lunch and I’m there a few minutes early. I scan the cafe and can’t see anyone with carpet arms, so I loiter around on the path outside the restaurant trying to not look awkward. I see someone approaching that I think looks like him. He is walking with his head down looking at his phone and he probably should reconsider this approach as his hair looked much thinner on top than I had expected…but on a positive note the hair on his arms was also much thinner than I expected!

We sit down and have a great lunch chatting constantly. We talk about our friends and families a lot and I get the instant feeling that I could see him fitting in with both of those groups. Most of the guys I have been dating don’t seem to fit that criteria lately. We speak about our work and I talk about uni and how it keeps me busy. He tells me that he used to have a quite successful career, but he felt burnt out and moved into a more relaxed 9-5 role. I nodded, not too fussed as it’s only the first date but he continues saying that he wanted me to know that he isn’t that career orientated at the moment, but I seem to be and that some people might not be ok with that.

To be honest, I wasn’t that ok with it, but hey it’s the first date so I rolled with it. We start to wrap up the date and he says he would like to see me again if I’m keen, I say yes and it’s smiles all round. He then asks if I was a mad feminist who would be opposed with him paying the bill, I say of course not, if you want to I would be happy for you to do so. He goes inside to pay and I wait on the path out the front of the cafe. He comes out with this cute little card that is a coffee loyalty card saying “I saw you at Kawa and I think you are cute” with a pink kiss on it. Sure, he didn’t write it or anything, but it was a smooth move.

I kiss him on the cheek and we part ways. He follows up that night with a sweet txt saying he enjoyed our lunch and was looking forward to seeing me again. We plan a date for the next Thursday and I can’t wait!

Things are looking up!!!

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