Facial Herpes Strikes


The morning before the date with the stockbroker was planned I woke up feeling pretty excited about dinner. I got ready for work, jumped in the car and started driving to the office. At the first set of lights that I had to stop at, I suddenly feel my lip tingling. I look in the mirror and there is a small red mark on my lip. Panic instantly sets in.

Surely that can’t be the start of a coldsore, surely not?!? Within 10 minutes I look in the mirror again and bam, it’s the beginnings of a cold sore. A dash to the chemist and I’m stocked up with everything humanly possible to stop the cold sore in it’s tracks. I hope, wish and pray that the cold sore will retreat. There was a moment of hope when it seemed like the cold sore was not developing, but this dream was shattered by lunchtime.

By the end of the day it was BAD. I was picturing meeting him at the restaurant and having to avoid giving him a kiss on the cheek due to my facial herpes (yes, just facial, just to be clear). Discussing herpes on the first date seems like a real no-no. Earlier in the afternoon he had told me that he was having a really busy day, so I thought I’d try my luck in that being an excuse to get out of the date rather than confess my ailment. I sent him a txt him saying that if he is too busy we could always postpone, I would understand as I’m having a crazy week myself. He takes the bait and we decide to reschedule. A win! But now I have to lay low for a while (5-6 days) until I am healed. No dates for me!

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