Luke the Stockbroker

Composite image of geeky lovesick hipster holding rose

After recovering from that nasty cold sore that ruined all my plans, the date with the stockbroker was back on. We arranged to meet at a restaurant in the city after work.

Expectations were high for this date. We’d had a couple of phone calls full of lively chat and laughs and it seemed like we had some common interests.

I arrived right on time but couldn’t see him waiting out the front of the restaurant. I walked inside to the bar and looked around for him, but having seen only one photo of him, I wasn’t totally sure that I would recognise him. So often online type dates do not look like their photo!

The maître d greeted me and I awkwardly said I was here to meet a Luke….but I don’t know his surname. He gave me a strange look, checked his reservations, but could not find a ‘Luke’. I shouldn’t have known his surname, but he’d given me enough info during our chats to google search him and find it. However, I thought it would be far too awkward to use it and get busted for my ‘stalking’.

So I go back outside and txt him to ask if he was at the restaurant. Immediately my mind starts jumping to conclusions that I got the day wrong, the location wrong, or maybe he is the rude type and is running late….or he forgot??

He txts back saying that he is seated already and I head back inside and find him. He is wearing glasses unlike his pic and stereotypically he looks nerdier that I expected. He is nervous and a little awkward as we make small talk.

Eventually things settle and we enjoy a 3 hr dinner with non-stop conversation. There isn’t any real flirting, but I catch him looking at my boobs on more than one occasion! The restaurant is closing so we decide to head off. He walks me towards where I parked my car and we do the awkward end of night dance of do we, or don’t we kiss? I close it off by giving him a kiss on the cheek and say let’s talk soon. He agrees and gives me a wave goodbye which at first I thought was the start of a handshake – maybe it was!

Thinking back on the date whilst driving home I was feeling positive about it as I had a good time, but I was wondering if we’d lack chemistry together like the 37 yr old virgin. But I was certainly open to and looking forward to another date.

The next day I was holding out for him to txt to make the first move. By 9pm, I was thinking hmmm he did seem shy, perhaps he needs a push. I sent him a ‘how was your day?’ message. Yes, not my best work, but I was tired. He replied something equally creative and that was it.

3 days later after absolutely no contact, he messages me to ask how my Saturday was. I replied and asked how his was. That was 2 days ago.

I think that is where this story ends…

Facial Herpes Strikes


The morning before the date with the stockbroker was planned I woke up feeling pretty excited about dinner. I got ready for work, jumped in the car and started driving to the office. At the first set of lights that I had to stop at, I suddenly feel my lip tingling. I look in the mirror and there is a small red mark on my lip. Panic instantly sets in.

Surely that can’t be the start of a coldsore, surely not?!? Within 10 minutes I look in the mirror again and bam, it’s the beginnings of a cold sore. A dash to the chemist and I’m stocked up with everything humanly possible to stop the cold sore in it’s tracks. I hope, wish and pray that the cold sore will retreat. There was a moment of hope when it seemed like the cold sore was not developing, but this dream was shattered by lunchtime.

By the end of the day it was BAD. I was picturing meeting him at the restaurant and having to avoid giving him a kiss on the cheek due to my facial herpes (yes, just facial, just to be clear). Discussing herpes on the first date seems like a real no-no. Earlier in the afternoon he had told me that he was having a really busy day, so I thought I’d try my luck in that being an excuse to get out of the date rather than confess my ailment. I sent him a txt him saying that if he is too busy we could always postpone, I would understand as I’m having a crazy week myself. He takes the bait and we decide to reschedule. A win! But now I have to lay low for a while (5-6 days) until I am healed. No dates for me!