Date 2 with The Giant

As you may recall, Date 1 of trifecta week was with the 6’6″ guy. It was a great first date and I was really looking forward to seeing him again and we planned a date after work the next week. The day before he said he’d forgotten he had a work thing on and tried to reschedule for two days later, but I was busy and we went back and forth looking for a suitable day until we landed on Saturday.

That was almost two weeks after our first date and I’m a big believer in needing momentum when you’re dating someone so it somewhat deflated my enthusiasm. I also had been at uni all day saturday and was feeling pretty tired, but got ready and headed out to meet him at 7pm.

My foolproof strategy with dating is to always arrive right on time, or a minute or so late so that they get there before me and I don’t wander around looking for my date like a fool! It’s always so obvious seeing the fellow online daters at a bar.

I’m just about there when I get a txt from him saying he is running 15 mins late. Now I hate lateness in general, but who messages saying they’ll be 15 mins late at the exact time you are meant to be meeting!!!

I wait outside txting my girlfriends to pass the time and they try to soothe my temper with words to the effect of don’t let this ruin your night, give him a chance etc. After 20 minutes I am fuming and think to myself that I’m out of there on the dot after 30 mins if he isn’t there. Then I see a giant walking along in the distance (irritatingly he seemed to be strolling along) and he gives me a big smile.

I’m shitty and when we go inside to the bar I don’t even fake offer to pay for the drinks. He owes me for waiting time like how a taxi charges. He leads us outside to the smokers area…..great.

We have some chit chat and it turns out that he is hungover and I am tired so the cheeky banter we had going on during the first date didn’t come out. We had planned to go see a movie and due to his late arrival there wasn’t really time to eat dinner, so we head off to the movies.

We saw the Wolf of Wall Street which was really quite good, but probably a little awkward seeing a movie with so much sex whilst sitting next to someone you haven’t even pashed yet! And because of the lateness and rushed drinks, there wasn’t a lead up that would encourage any kind of affection during the movie, so it was a little weird sitting there.

After the movies I offer to drive him home as it’s really close. He tells me that going to the movies probably wasn’t the best idea for a second date seeing we hardly got to talk. I tell him I had a nice time anyway and we talk about planning a third date. He leans over and gives me a peck on the lips that is really hurried and he practically jumps out of the car.

I drive home a little crushed that it was such a lacklustre date. But I message him when I get home and say that I think we were both too tired to be fun tonight and that I’m looking forward to seeing him again. To encourage affection next time (I really need to kiss him properly to check I don’t have another horrendous kisser on my hands again) I tell him that I kinda regretted not kissing him properly after our first date. He says we will have a quality kiss next time and says goodnight ‘gorgeousness’ and all of a sudden I’m keen on him again.

Yep, that’s all it takes!

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