One of three

I had very low expectations of date number 1 this week. Over Christmas whilst pondering my single status, I wondered if perhaps my quite narrow selection criteria was limiting my chances of finding a great man. So I relaxed the filters on my RSVP search which included education, industry and occupation and the pool of potentials tripled!

Date 1, who we shall call ‘The Giant’ as he is 6’6″, is an ‘occasional/social’ smoker. Not ideal, I’m not a smoker and I don’t really want to be kissing a smoker, but I thought hmm perhaps occasional is like once a year! He also has a child. Now this has always been a deal breaker for me, and it might turn out it still is, but at 32 I have to acknowledge that men in my age range (which I define as 30-45) have pasts and may have children. I’m just not sure if I can handle that in a partner, but I’ve not really experienced it since I was in my early 20’s so perhaps it’s time to give it a go.

The Giant and I organise to catch up after work at a local pub. It is stinking hot outside and I arrive all hot and flustered. Before I left the office I had touched up my makeup (of course) and coloured in my eyebrows a little. I was quite worried said eyebrows had migrated across my face. I recognise him instantly (it’s such a relief when they look like their profile photos) and say hello. He gets up from his bar stool and comes and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Ahhh a gentleman!

He already has a beer so I grab myself a wine and join him. I drink the wine quite fast as I’m damn hot and damn thirsty!!! We are talking and laughing along together quite quickly and before you know it our glasses are empty. He goes to get more drinks and I try to discreetly get my mirror out of my handbag whilst his back is turned waiting at the bar and phew, my eyebrows are still in their original location.

He may have noticed this as when he returns he tells me that I look really nice today and that I’m very photogenic. I try not to take that as a back handed compliment as I’m instantly thinking does he mean that my photos look better than real life?? But he then goes on to say that he struggles to take a good photo. It’s then that I notice he has kinda dreamy blue eyes and a really cheeky smile. I like that!!

We drink some more, then he goes to order dinner. It’s $3 taco night and I order 2. He tries to convince me I need more and I should try the special of the day. I’m not convinced, but when he returns he says he thinks the special will be really good, so he ordered it anyway as I shouldn’t miss out on it, but if I don’t want it I can leave it. I’m liking his style….

They come, they are delicious and I eat all three. We have another drink and then go outside when a table is free. I’m on water now as I’m driving home, but it’s been over three hours of constant laughs and chats. No discussion about the child. We’ll leave that for another day. He smokes two cigarettes whilst outside, but I didn’t find it too offensive.

The outdoor area is closing and it’s getting late on a school night so I decide to head off. He offers to walk me to my car and it’s the first time we’ve really been standing right next to each other and he is so tall! I’m 5’10 and he makes me feel short. I love it. It makes me all giddy!

When we get to my car, we discuss meeting up again and then we have a little peck on the lips kiss and say goodbye. It was smooth and nice. I’m notorious for mucking up goodbyes on dates. It’s always awkward. I’ll aim for the cheek, they aim for the mouth and we collide mid way. My tactic to disguise this awkwardness is to give them a little hug, often with a few pats on the back…which generally makes the situation 117% worse.

So all in all a great first date. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again, but due to scheduling conflicts (hehe) it won’t be until early next week.

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