It’s a date! Or three…

So it’s Monday night, after 11pm and I’m tired. BUT I’ve got a date tomorrow night so I can’t go to bed just yet. I’ve also got a date the following night. Annnnd one the next night.

Yes I don’t think I’ve ever actually had dates with just two men on consecutive nights before, so three might be a struggle. Sure, it’s not the ideal situation. I’m already having trouble remembering all the things I’ve told each one and what they have told me, but it’s an unusual situation that I had to take advantage of.

You see, the new year brought a lot of fresh talent into the online dating pool. RSVP was flooded with fresh faces and I sent the usual barrage of kisses out hoping to snag one of the cream of the crop before they were snaffled up. It worked and soon I was talking to a number of guys.

Then I got to the point of trying a move offline with three of them and as I am really busy the rest of January, I’m trying to squeeze these meets all in this week.

Tonight has been a flurry of dating prep. I’ve painted my nails, ironed some outfits, coloured my roots, plucked my eyebrows and applied a coat of fake tan (just to my face, arms and chest as that’s all I’ll be exposing…it’s very thrifty of me).

But a part of me does wonder if it’s all worth it. Do men notice those finer details? Do they care?

Wish me luck!

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