Why I Need a Husband

It’s been a while since I last posted with the silly season and all, but today I spent a holiday day working on some home improvements. Off to Bunnings I went to solve my storage woes and replace all the dead carcasses in my pots out in the courtyard.

I had looked up the storage shelving that I needed online beforehand so the task should have been simple. But when I arrived I struggled to find the item and wandered around the stinking hot store feeling a little helpless. It was crazy busy, clearly everyone else was on the home improvement bandwagon as well, so I couldn’t find anyone to help.

But then I spotted what I needed. It was on a high shelf, even for me standing at 5’10”, but I attempted to get it down but quickly realised my error. That thing was damn heavy and there was a sticker clearly indicating that it was a two person job. But I was not one of two! Only me, myself and I. Feeling defeated and deflated I looked for a substitute, but all the other items also had this two person sticker – like the shelves were mocking my singleness!

After looking for a willing assistant for about 5 mins, I gave up and headed out to the garden section. I found the perfect pots I needed to replant my yukka’s which remarkably were still alive and even thriving, but those flipping pots were heavy too!!! And on a high shelf.

I ended up buying way too many pots of herbs despite the fact I rarely cook these days and headed to the exit. There I found quite a cute young man who commented that I had ‘a good selection’ in my trolley and proceeded to tell me all about the rocket and basil he is growing at home. He was being overly friendly and perhaps even flirty….so I couldn’t help thinking ‘will you lift my shelves and maybe even assemble them for me?’

It’s hard to find a man that can lift stuff and is good with his hands these days…

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