Men Always Add an Extra Inch

Ok, so in a similar vein to my previous post, I am going to complain about another height related problem with dating. Men seem to struggle with measuring themselves, yet we all know they have done it…..

A few years ago on my quest for a gorgeous 6’5″ giant, I went along to a speed dating event specifically for tall men 6 foot plus. Seeing I am 5’10”, I decided to go with a conservative kitten heel of no more than 1 inch. So I knew I was standing about 5’11” that night. I turn up and gaze across the room looking upwards to try and lock eyes with my 6’5″ future husband. However my view kept getting interrupted by men at eye level. How could this be?!?!

The night progressed and after we had completed 6 out of the 12 dates we gathered for a half time intermission. Whilst standing around the bar sipping champagne, I happened to notice that I was taller than some of the men. Thus, they were certainly not 6 foot and above!

Now of all the things that men can lie about on the dating scene, I find that height is surely a big no no. It’s not exactly something that you can hide. Sure, you could shop at the same place that Tom Cruise gets his shoes, but eventually if it goes well there will be an occasion where you will be barefoot together. It would get really quite awkward for him to be walking around on tippy toes the whole time…..

I appointed an executive matchmaker earlier this year (more about this disaster later) and in my top 5 ‘must-have’ criteria, I listed ‘taller than me, ideally 6 foot plus’. My matchmaker delivered a profile of a match and he was listed as 5’11. Knowing I only had an inch to play with there, I again opted for a conservative 1 inch kitten heel for our date. Yet again he was shorter than me – by about an inch.

So the lesson here is that men always add an extra inch for good measure. And I mean always…

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