Festive Rejections

Although based on past experience I have an inkling that my future husband is not on RSVP, I decided to give it another crack on the weekend. So far I’ve sent a few guys a kiss and I have got a couple of rejections back; a few guys haven’t replied, perhaps waiting for a better offer; and I am talking to one guy that after one email seems so far reasonably normal.

At 32, I’m ideally looking for a man that is about 31 to 45. That is quite a big age range, but based on people I have met in my personal and professional life, age really is just a number. I know men that are 35 year old manchilds, but also 45 year old men that are very young spirited.

But for some reason, 25 year old men seem to like to send me kisses on RSVP. I kind of picture them sending kisses out on rapid fire to play the odds game that maybe they will eventually get a hit.

I am a courteous online dater and always respond promptly either way if I am interested or not and I have just noticed that RSVP has got into the festive spirit this month! Their latest rejection option is ‘I don’t want to take things further right now but hope you have a Merry Christmas!’

Hmmm yes, I won’t be using that one. It might as well say ‘No, what were you thinking?! Merry Kiss My Ass’.

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