Short Girls are Selfish

Driving home from work this evening I passed many enthusiastic, endorphin rich individuals running around the bay. However a couple quite caught my eye….as they instantly enraged me!

The reason for the rage is perfectly warranted. Some people are just selfish, evil people who are ruining the world. You know the types, the ones that don’t wave when you let them in in traffic, the ones that stop dead in front of you on a busy footpath so you smack into them yet somehow it is your fault, and finally short girls that date tall guys.

Selfish, rude tarts!

Honestly, there are not enough 6 foot plus guys to go around in this world for short chicks to be stealing them, especially in Sydney! It is apparent that world stocks of tall men are depleting because 5 foot shorties keep taking all the 6’5″ men and the net result must surely be 5’8″ spawn?!? Tall men are an endangered species.

But rest assured, some selfish shorties get what they deserve. Kanye must be Kim’s punishment….


  1. Crista Sinclair · December 10, 2013

    Haha. You should like my best friend who is 6’0″ and most of the guys that she is attracted to based on height, 6’2″ and above, are attracted to me, 5’4″ short and selfish. Sorry!


    • seriouslysingleinsyd · December 10, 2013

      Why oh why is the world so unfair Crista?? ;p


      • Crista Sinclair · December 10, 2013

        How tall are you? lol


      • seriouslysingleinsyd · December 11, 2013

        Too tall!! 5’10”.

        Ideally I think I’d like to be 5’8″. If only you could pick huh!


      • Crista Sinclair · December 11, 2013

        Haha if only.


  2. Claire · October 5, 2018

    This post is so old but I only just read it today and I can’t stop laughing it’s TOO funny!!! I’m a short girl who married a tall guy. This really made me chuckle 😂💖


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